Only 12 hours by direct flight.A one-of-a-kind tour of Mexico.

A government-certified guide and driver who has lived in Mexico for 18 years will guide you safely, efficiently, and carefully throughout the entire process, from planning a trip to Mexico to local tours in Mexico. Even those who say "I don't like tours" or "I'm an advanced traveler and don't need a guide" will be satisfied. .

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[Special Feature] Even with a Weak Yenby ride share"Cheap" private trip to Mexico!

While maintaining the freedom of individual travel, the cost performance is much better than individual travel, and you can travel Mexico by sharing a dense private tour by a Mexican tourism professional with one person.

Click photo for details 👇

Experience the true face of Mexico.

Mexico is a vast and deep country.We unearth such unknown charms of Mexico, put them on the table, and help you travel to Mexico so that you can actually touch it.First of all, please take a look at the colorful Mexico with videos and photos.

Videos from around Mexico (7:39 length)

Our original Mexico sightseeing route

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Photo gallery

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Important Announcements


 Fixed price & one-stop deals!

Isao Iwasaki, a Mexican guide, and a local woman have handicrafts

A wonderful tour of Mexico will be completed here.

  • Completed a guide training course certified by the Ministry of Tourism of MexicoFew qualified Japanese guides]
  • not decorate[Mexico's true face]The
  • No need for troublesome tour search or troublesome schedule adjustment[One stop]
  • Great value[Fixed price complete private & Japanese tour]
  • within Mexico【wherever】I will guide you.


Recommended for these people!

We will efficiently guide you through unknown Mexico.

  • Those who are busy with work and do not have time to research or plan
  • Those who can only take a few days off
  • Those who want to feel and know the true face of Mexico
  • Those who want to travel alone or women who are worried about safety
  • Those who want to travel slowly and on their own
  • Those who want to have a luxury trip in Mexico
  • Those who value their time
  • Families with babies and small children
  • Those who want to travel at their own pace, such as the elderly and people with disabilities
  • Those who are worried about traveling abroad or traveling to Mexico for the first time
  • LGBTQ+ (sexual minority) people who want to stretch their wings and travel
  • Those who want to try climbing overseas
  • Adventurous and curious
  • Those who want to travel freely and efficiently
  • Men and women of all ages who want to make changes while living in agony in their one and only life
  • Commemorative trip with a small number of people (graduation trip, birthday, wedding anniversary, XNUMXth birthday celebration, filial piety, etc.)
  • Those who are unsatisfactory with ordinary trips and tours, etc.


Enjoy Mexico at a great value with a flat rate!

We will guide you consistently from consultation and planning of your trip to Mexico to sightseeing and emergency response.

  • If you can split the bill with your companion, the price per person will be even cheaper.
  • with one customerShare the tour >>I can do it
  • Get even better deals with our special plan for XNUMX person or XNUMX people
  • No matter how many places you go anywhere, there is no additional charge within the time
  • You can stop by as many times as you want and it's cheaper than airplanes and buses
  • Abrupt route changes are also possible
  • Free Mexican guide included before your trip, so you can enjoy more locally without anxiety

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The tour fee you pay is used like this

I'm working on this.


Enjoy a hassle-free trip to Mexico with daily direct flights!

Plan example: A 6-night, 7-day trip to enjoy the culture and nature of Mexico

If you take 5 days off on weekdays, you can use 2 weekends to travel to Mexico like this!
This route is an example.You can freely rearrange them according to your needs.

  • Saturday, April 4, 1:16
    Departure from Narita by direct flight from ANA or Aeromexico
  • Saturday, April 4, 1:14
    Arrival at Mexico City Airport
    After a good night's rest at your hotel, take an evening drive through Mexico City.
  • All day Sunday, April 4
    Queretaro Guanajuato direction and cactus zone
  • Monday, march 4
    Tour around Guanajuato, visit tequila cellars, agave fields, and around Guadalajara
  • 4 Month 4 Day Tuesday
    Prepecha Culture and Food Excursion in Michoacán
  • 4 Mon 5 Sun Wednesday
    Hike towards Puebla and ruins or majestic high mountains
  • 4 Mon 6 Sun Thursday
    Hike or light climb Mexico's majestic alpine mountains
  • Friday, august 4
    Mexico City and Teotihuacan, wrap up with Mexican Night and head to the airport
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day Saturday
    Overnight flight
  • 4 Month 9 Sunday
    Arrive at Narita at 6:XNUMX am


Special plan for XNUMX person or XNUMX persons

Save even more on trips of 4 days or more.Click here for details!
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Click here for other route examples!

The recombination of the route is the customer's freedom.We will propose sightseeing routes that you are interested in from a professional perspective of tourism in Mexico.
Click here for unique route examples


We will show you the true face of Mexico!

Mexican tourist guide Isao Iwasaki poses with mariachi in the background

A Mexican Ministry of Tourism official guide will accompany you.

Nice to meet you. I am Ko Iwasaki, your guide and driver in Mexico.

It's been XNUMX years since I've lived in Mexico, and my job is to unearth the still-unknown Mexican culture and nature, and to guide people around the world in an easy-to-understand and safe manner.

About your guide and driver


Mexico Travel Q&A

Q. Why this tour?why mexico?

AXNUMX.Because it's a trip to Mexico that may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We provide you:

  • Super-rich experience that you can't have anywhere else
  • You can return home with 100 years of power
  • memorable time and experience

We provide

AXNUMX.Because it is a country that makes you feel good.

Cancun is famous, but 100% Mexican and popular Acapulco, that is the Mexican resort.
There is no doubts that Teotihuacan is magnificent, but also Mays's Calakmulstands proudly in the dense forest.
While heading south Would you like to make your own chocolate at a Cacao plantation?
At a coffee plantation how about morning coffee while listening to the chirping of birds is a blissful moment.
Without Mexican night,you can't say you've been to Mexico! ?

that's allA deep and wide-ranging countrySuch you.


Q. I don't like tours, so I usually travel by there any advantage?

A. Mexico is a country that is more complex, vast, deep, and most of all, fun than you can imagine from various media.

On the other hand, gathering information on tourism in Mexico and fully understanding and enjoying the essence of Mexico's world-class tourism resources within a limited amount of time can be difficult even for those who are accustomed to traveling abroad. is.

If you get exhausted from collecting information, or if you get caught up in the field, or if you end up compromising and not having fun, you're putting the cart before the horse.

Isao Iwasaki, a Mexican guide who has lived in Mexico for 18 years,from famous tourist spotsTo the Mexican spots that only the locals know,Anywhere in MexicoFrom planning your trip, picking you up, during your trip, responding to emergencies, and seeing you off.According to customer's request,Effortless, safe and efficientToto guide you,veryCost performance is good Mexico sightseeing tour.

Even those who are not good at ordinary group tours can be satisfied.Fully Private Mexico Sightseeing Tour.

Not just a generic "explanatory guide"Customer-Driven Mexico TourSo, we will accompany our customers and support them as needed.100% freedom for customers, just like individual travel.

It is not a general package tour where you just buy a completed tour, but you can enjoy the process from the planning stage to the execution of your trip to Mexico more than a personal trip.


Q. Isn't a completely private tour very expensive?

Mexican tourist guide Isao Iwasaki stands with his arms crossed in front of a car in La Paz

A. Please do not worry.I'd be more than surprised at how affordable it is.

We will work with you to plan your trip to Mexico while listening to your wishes for all tours. Consultation on hotels and sightseeing spots, local guides and efficient transportation, and local emergency assistance are all included in the flat rate.

The driver, Ko Iwasaki, have driven more than XNUMX laps of the earth = XNUMXkm in Mexico,continuing lifelong accident-free record to date.Your guide, Ko Iwasaki who has lived in Mexico for nearly 20 years, knows "The Mexico", and will guide you directly from the beginning.

People with disabilities and othersunreliable requestbut with sincerityFlexibleToWe will respond.

We offer special rates for singles and couples, as well as families and small groups. For more information[Prices and services]>.


Q: I only have 3 days, can I enjoy it?

A. Please leave it to me.

English are almost not understood at all, which is inconvenient,Dangerous in some places
MoreoverThe scale is five times larger than JapanMexico.
unfamiliaris quite efficient and safe to travelhard.

We provide you:

  • Maximization of your limited time
  • Easier and more accessible trip to Mexico
  • A valuable experience that cannot be replaced with money

We will provide them through traveling in Mexico.


Other Q&AClick here>.


If you touch it, something will surely start.Mexico.

We will provide you with a "journey that you can feel".

Just going, just taking pictures, just eating, just looking, and just going back to Mexico is a waste.

When you come to Mexico, we want you to take home more than just a "trip".

Click here for "Voices of Customers" that have been used so far.



Easy and affordable private trips in Mexico

Whether you are traveling abroad or traveling to Mexico for the first time, the elderly, the physically challenged, or those who are accustomed to traveling abroad, it is easy to use because you can reach the itchy place. It is a tour service that allows you to travel in Mexico at a reasonable price.

It is ideal for those who want to take a higher-grade trip to Mexico that is not possible with individual travel or general package tours, while maintaining the "freedom" of individual travel.

Reason XNUMX: It saves your money.

A safe and secure flat-rate system that includes everything from planning a trip to Mexico to guiding in English and land transportation in Mexico, as well as responding to emergencies.

●Mexico City flat rate USD1 per day*

up to 1 hours a day,
No matter where you go in Mexico CityNo extra charge.
If you share it with your companionmuch moreGood deal!

  • USD 2 per person per 1 hours for 1 people*
  • USD 3 per person per 1 hours for 1 people*
  • USD 4 per person per 1 hours for 1 people*
*This price is for when combined with a local tour.
USD480 for Mexico City only.
●Mexico flat rate (+USD 100 to the above city rate)*

For just $100 extra on Mexico City sightseeing,
Up to 1 hours a day, anywhere in MexicoNo additional charge. *
If you share it with your companionFurthermoregreat value for!

  • Total USD 2 per 1 hours per day for 1 people
  • Total USD 3 per 1 hours per day for 1 people
  • Total USD 4 per 1 hours per day for 1 people
*Prices are from/to Mexico City.・A travel fee of $1 per day will be charged per night and for day trips.・Pick-up and drop-off to locations throughout Mexico are available for an additional fee.Please contact us as it depends on the location.


Special plan for XNUMX person or XNUMX persons

It is a price plan that is even more profitable for tours of 4 days or more.

For details, please see ③, ④, and ⑤ in [Prices and Services].
Click here for great prices and services

*The above rates are as of December 2021.Subject to change without notice.


Rideshare for one customer

This is a service for those who want to go alone but are a little concerned about the budget.

This is a traveler matching service to Mexico where you can share our tour with one other person up to 4 people.

For details, please see our dedicated web page.

Advantageous ride share for one personShare Mexico Private Tour


The tour fee you pay is used like this

We are focusing on "excavating" unknown human heritages in various parts of Mexico and "commercializing them as tourism products" without destroying their essence.

We are working on


Reason XNUMX: It saves your time

We will help you create a tourist route

Mexico is a bigger country than you can imagine, and it is difficult for even those who are accustomed to traveling abroad to move efficiently.We will ask you about your travel period and interests, and propose the most suitable Mexico sightseeing route for you.


Pre-travel guide will explain sightseeing spots

Traveling is fun, but at the same time it is very tiring.Even if you listen to the explanations in a state of zero knowledge, you will not be able to understand most of them, and conversely, it will be a waste of time if you end up having a boring time.I will explain the basic knowledge that you should know in a way that is easier to understand than any guidebook or video.

Online or offline, at a time and date that is convenient for you, at no additional charge.


I will answer any questions or concerns you may have

Unfortunately, the information available in guidebooks and on the internet lacks accuracy.With nearly 20 years of local experience and a traveler's point of view, I will give you practical advice.


Reason XNUMX: Satisfying everyone

Isao Iwasaki, a Mexican tourist guide, is dining with the people of Oaxaca.

People with disabilities, the elderly, those who are worried about traveling abroad or traveling to Mexico for the first time, those who are worried about being a woman alone, families with small children, and those who have extensive experience traveling abroad. We offer tours to help you enjoy your trip to Mexico.

We listen to our customers' requests in advance, create an itinerary that incorporates the items that each customer needs, and work with our customers to create a reasonable and efficient trip to Mexico.

Wheelchairs, strollers, child seats, etc. are available free of charge.


Feel free to contact us for a free consultation

Your Mexico trip starts here.


Please contact us using one of the methods below. (Reply within 24 hours, average about 2 hours)

  • Inquiry form below
  • LINE: koiwasaki-mx Add friend
  • bottom right of the screenChat at (If you don't get a reply right away, you're out of the room. Please leave a message and we'll get back to you later. After a while, chat on our site again.Please open and check my message.Just in case, please enter your email address, LINE, phone number, etc.) It also has a call function, so you can call me for free.
  • Direct IP phone (domestic rate):050-5539-7594or line phone
For fees and notes, first[Prices and services]> 
[Service Flow and Precautions]>.
Please note: Our services are paid.Please note that we cannot respond to those who request free services.
Sometimes emails do not arrive. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please contact us using the [Inquiry Form] below, or via LINE or telephone.Due to the time difference (Japan time minus 15 hours), there may be cases where replies are delayed or we are unable to answer the phone.We may call you back from here, but due to calls from overseas, you will receive an unannounced call.If we are unable to reach you, we will send you an SMS message.


Don't worry about preparing for your trip.You can enjoy it even more locally.

We have unlimited answers to your questions.

Before your trip, we will respond to you by email, line, zoom, etc., as you wish.

Before departure, we will give you a free Mexican guide.

There are also difficult explanations from the local area.Before departure, we will explain in an easy-to-understand manner, so you can have a better understanding of the local area and enjoy it even more.


We are uploading a lot of Mexico photos and local life information on SNS!

#Mexico Complete Travel

From my point of view, who has been immersed in Mexican society for nearly 20 years"Mexican face"are presented in articles, photos and videos.

Please follow us!



Recommended route example

Versatile and original Mexico sightseeing route

None of the routes below are handled by regular travel agencies or package tours.Of course, we are happy to accept any route not listed here.

Whether you are traveling to Latin America for the first time or have visited several times,"A trip to Mexico where you can make memories of a lifetime"We will provide

You can freely organize the route according to the number of days.Click here for various route examples!

Interaction experience with local family in Oaxaca XNUMX hours ~

Isao Iwasaki, a Mexican tourist guide, is dining with the people of Oaxaca.

Interacting with a local family in Oaxaca Memorable moments in Oaxaca Speaking of Oaxaca, the archaeological sites of the Zapotec culture such as Monte Alban and Mitla, the wood carving folk crafts known in Alebrije, the me...

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Let's dance salsa and cumbia in Latin country Mexico! XNUMX hours~

Mexican tourist guide Isao Iwasaki poses with a Mexican woman

If you can dance, you will feel closer to Mexico!The Mexican teacher and I, Iwasaki, will guide you carefully one-on-one! [su_youtube url=...

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Mexico [O-ma-ka-se] Tour XNUMX days~

Mexican tourist guide Isao Iwasaki and his wife making chocolate

Mexico 【O・MA・KA・SE】Tour XNUMX days~ And "Favorite story...

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Departure from Tabasco (Departure from Mexico City is also possible) Trip to feel nature at Mayan ruins & Lacandon virgin forest XNUMX-XNUMX days

mayan ruins yaxchilan ruins in mexico

Mexico's true face woven by the Mayan ruins and the wilderness of Chiapas 👆 You can feel another side of Mexico from the characteristic architectural ruins of the Justilan ruins to the jungle...

Read More

Mexico City and the ruins of Teotihuacan XNUMXst day

Mexico City, the center of Mexico's history, culture and art Mexico City is the origin of the name of the country, Mexico (México)...

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A tour to understand the National Museum of Anthropology well XNUMX day ~

A Step Ahead Mexican Anthropological Museum & Ruins Tour History of the National Museum of Anthropology Built in 1964, it is the largest archaeological museum in the world.The main destination for travelers to Mexico City, both domestic and international, is...

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Travel to Veracruz, the first place in the Americas to experience Europe first-hand XNUMX days~

Take a detour to Veracruz to discover Mexico's world-class history. 👆Attraction of Veracruz, America's First Church

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Mexico City ⇔ Cancun land trip around XNUMX days*

white sand and blue sea

Cancun by road is an unforgettable trip. 👆 Cancun beach.Land Travel Attractive Mexico's attractions are not limited to famous tourist destinations.Not so much for foreigners...

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From Chetumal to Cancun Travel across the Yucatan Peninsula XNUMX nights

El castillo at chichen itza mayan ruins mexico

Enjoy Mayan ruins, Mayan nature, and Mayan cuisine!The charm of the Yucatan Peninsula The Yucatan Peninsula includes the area where the giant meteorite that is thought to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs during the Cretaceous period 6500 million years ago collided...

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Chihuahua Railway (Chepe Railway) & Trip around Copper Canyon XNUMX days ~

train entering the station

Please enjoy Chihuahua with the three beats of "Nature, Ethnicity, and History". 👆 Entering the platform Chihuahua railway passenger car The charm of Chihuahua When you hear the word Chihuahua, the first thing that comes to mind is that...

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Crossing the country of the sun Mexico by land from XNUMXth *

A great adventure from top to bottom in Mexico, the country of the sun! 👆 Tijuana, the northernmost point of Mexico.The fence behind the border is the charm of traveling by land Traveling by land can sometimes be physically demanding...

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History and Tradition Trip to Oaxaca XNUMX days XNUMX night~*

Discover the true face of Oaxaca hidden behind its monuments, artefacts and cuisine.Oaxaca Travel Attractions Oaxaca, the capital of the state of Oaxaca, is located about XNUMX kilometers southeast of Mexico City...

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Monarch butterfly forest and Michoacán XNUMX day~

butterfly perched on a leaf

Discover the natural wonders of the world that can only be found in Mexico.The monarch butterfly, also known as monarch butterfly in Japan, is a large butterfly with distinctive orange and black patterns.Mind...

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Quetzalan Village & Ruins of Totonaka Culture & Coffee Plantation XNUMX days XNUMX night

A unique atmosphere where Nawa culture and Totonaka culture intersect What kind of town is it?Quetzalan Village.It is a small mountain village located about XNUMX hours from Mexico City.It is big from the golden route of Japanese travelers...

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Mexican Day of the Dead (Día de los muertos) XNUMX days and XNUMX night~※

Mexico's Day of the Dead customs originated in Mesoamerica while merging with Catholicism What is Mexico's Day of the Dead? Mexico's [Day of the Dead] Día de los muertos is a UNESCO (...

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If you come all the way to Mexico, let's go to tequila! XNUMX night XNUMX days~

Tequila is one of the four major spirits in the world, and is becoming more and more popular in Japan.

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Queretaro-San Miguel Guanajuato Morelia's world heritage & independence movement most important cities XNUMX city roundup XNUMX night XNUMX days

The weight of Mexico's spectacular history behind the scenery arranged for sightseeing.I will guide you to 5 cities that are important in Mexico's history and are world heritage sites.The world-famous Guanajuato and Sa...

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Would you like to give your loved one a [stylish gift] with Selenata?

Are you neglecting the expression of "love" for your loved ones?What is Selenata One of the reasons why I was attracted to Mexico is the expression of "love".I am not exaggerating at all.For Mexicans...

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Plan for transfer up to XNUMX hours

ANA airliner flying to Mexico

We will use transit time effectively and guide you through Mexico City efficiently.MEXICO CITY AIRPORT TRANSFER CONVENIENT TO LATIN AMERICA Mexico is the perfect stopover point for flights to Latin America. ...

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This is how Mexicans enjoy life, this is Mexican Night! XNUMX night / Friday and Saturday only

Japanese Women and Mexican Men Dancing on a Private Sightseeing Tour of Mexico

This is the place to socialize in Mexico!What is Mexican Night? Each country and region has its own way of enjoying it.In Japan, it's an izakaya after the evening, or a karaoke box where you can hang out with friends and colleagues...

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Would you like to spread your wings and relax in Mexico?

Travel Mexico as you were born in this world.Even if I live in a foreign country where no human being was born through my own efforts, when I occasionally look at Japanese news sites, I find myself thinking, "Who is that?

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This is pure Mexican resort, Acapulco XNUMX days XNUMX night

If you go to Mexico, what is Acapulco like in Mexico's original resort?A well-known resort area in Mexico.Cancun, Los Cabos, Vallarta and in recent years outside...

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Taskouka Kawamilpa, a city of silversmiths Giant limestone cave - Xochicalco ruins direction XNUMXst to XNUMXnd

It is a silver town that has been introduced in silver folk crafts, townscapes, Posole, and Tasco, the birthplace of that flower.To be more precise, silver mines have not been established for 20 years due to strikes, so it is called [Silver Craft Town]...

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Climbing Mt. Malinche, the XNUMXth peak of Mexico (only experienced climbers) XNUMX day OR XNUMX days

What kind of mountain is Mt. Matrarqueje Mt. Malinche in Nahuatl?The original name is "Matlalcueye", written as Matlalcueye.Means "god of the blue skirt" in Nahuatl and...

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Mexico's XNUMXrd peak Iztasihuatl hiking (no mountaineering experience OK) half day / mountaineering (climbing experience only) XNUMX-XNUMX days

The snow-covered white figure is truly a "white woman" What kind of mountain is Iztaccihuatl?Means "white lady" in Nahuatl. Iztac is 'white' and Cihuatl is 'female'.As the name suggests, snow...

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Departure from Tapachula (Tuxtla or Mexico City is also possible) Climbing Mt. Tacana straddling the Mexico-Guatemala border

Mexico, Sightseeing, Tour, Guide, Climbing

Bilateral mountaineering across the border between Mexico and Guatemala 👆 What kind of mountain is Mt. ...

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Mexico's XNUMXth peak Nevado de Toluca mountain hiking (no mountaineering experience OK) half day / mountaineering (climbing experience only) XNUMX day

What kind of mountain is Nevado de Toluca, the nine mountains in Nahuatl?Its original name is Sinantecatl, which means "nine mountains" in Nahuatl.Pico del...

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Mexico's highest peak Pico de Orizaba foothill hiking (no climbing experience OK) half day +

Mexico's high mountains towering against the blue sky

What kind of mountain is Mt. Pico de Orizaba, Mt. Citraltepetl, the highest peak in Mexico?Its original name is Sitraltepetl, which means "star mountain" in Nahuatl.Mexico's highest peak...

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Tour of Michoacán with Prepecha culture XNUMX days XNUMX night

Pátzcuaro, the empire of the west Prepecha culture and its surrounding areaPátzcuaro...

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Departure from and arrival in Chiapas (Mexico City departure and arrival is also possible) Chiapas trip to touch the unknown face of Mexico A few days *

A trip around historically important ruins in a popular tourist destination in Chiapas A trip in central Chiapas Chiapas is a state bordering neighboring Guatemala.Chia in Chiapas is that chia.Chia seeds...

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Leisurely southern Mexico (Yucatan Peninsula, Chiapas, Oaxaca) overland trip about XNUMX weeks *

A trip around southern Mexico A land trip where you can feel the grandeur of Mexico with your skin.Drive through 6 states on your own terms with no strings attached.Just an ordinary resort...

Read More

why choose us

1. A completely private guide just for you

Since the contents of the trip are XNUMX% customer specifications, you can not experience it in group activities or other package tours.Efficient and simple in a limited timeA free trip to touch Mexico]We will provide you withIt's completely private, so you don't have to worry about other groups. If there is a place you would like to visit, "I want to experience this too!", or "I want you to stop here and take pictures!" .Sincerely, we will help you create your trip.

I have driven a distance of 10 times around the earth in MexicoI, Iwasaki, have a thorough knowledge of road conditions in various and efficientJourneycan be planned and held.It is no exaggeration to say that these two points will determine the quality of your trip in Mexico.

mefriends in mexicoPlease feel free to talk to me.


2.Prompt and accurate response

It is precisely because I have experience working in sales at a Japanese company that I feel this is the most important point in the service industry.For inquiriesSuper express and accurately]I will answer.


3.All-in-one service for a flat fee*

[We will guide you anywhere in Mexico at a reasonable and clear flat rate.From planning trips to arranging and booking hotels and tickets, airport transfers, safe and efficient trips, and attending to emergencies.Iwasaki will handle.If you have any concerns or questions,no matter whatplease listen.

*If you do not have a local guide, you will be charged a separate fee for hotel reservations, ticket reservations, and airport transfers.We have prepared a plan that allows you to make unlimited inquiries for one month if you only want to consult about your trip.For more information≫≫≫Services and Fees.


4. Providing information that only local Japanese guides know

Places that cannot be visited on group tours, spots that are not listed in guidebooks,Information that can only be obtained by living locally]Full of!Where can you see landscapes and scenery unique to Mexico?What are the scenic spots that are Instagrammable?Which souvenir shop do you recommend?What's a cheap and delicious Mexican restaurant?We will help you create a trip that exceeds your imagination.


5. I speak Spanish.

Naturally, Iwasaki [I can also speak SpanishSo don't worry even if you have a sudden trouble.Mexico, like Japan, does not speak English.We will check the medical facilities on the route in advance, and if a hospital visit is required, I will accompany you as an interpreter.



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Introducing Your Mexico Guide

Mexico, tourism, travel, guide


Nice to meet you, everyone.

17 years in MexicoThis is Isao Iwasaki from .

I love traveling (poor travel) even in my private life, and I have driven almost all of the important points in the southern half of Mexico (south of the latitude where Zacatecas is located), the Baja California Peninsula, and some northern parts.I like it because when I go by car, I have the freedom to see the scenery along the way, stop and eat if there's something that looks good, and stay overnight wherever I like. As of 2019, I love driving so much that I have driven 10 times around the world (more than 40 km) in Mexico. (Continuing lifelong accident-free record)

My hobby is dancing (cumbia and salsa).She started doing it because she was a bad lover, but she loves it anyway, and no matter how bad things are, whether she's tired or sad, if she makes a fuss with her friends over tequila and salsa, everything will be blown away. (laughs) I got married in 2018, and dancing was also the reason I met my Mexican wife.In the car, there is always lively music such as salsa and cumbia, so even her wife is amazed.

I came to like Japanese sake after coming to Mexico.I also have a license as a sake taster, and I also like explaining Japanese sake to people in Mexico, including tequila.

Living as a Japanese (foreigner) in Mexican society amidst the values ​​of the Mexican people, traveling over 40 kilometers in Mexico, and being able to say, "This is Mexico!" I fell in love with the simplicity of Mexico that makes people happy and energetic.I believe that this is the true face of Mexico, and I started this business with the hope that even for a short time, everyone in Japan would be able to touch it with their five senses.I would like many people to feel that "I am a different person before I know Mexico" than I am after I know Mexico.

Zakkuri and this kind of person

  • Personality/Personality:Gentle, usually quiet but passionate about what he likes, sore loser, caring, poor talker but talkative, simple way of thinking, super open
  • Nickname:Human GPS (I drive all over Mexico, so if I look at the map before I leave, I can get almost anywhere without a navigation system = in a way a special skill), Human Cyborg (My wife and former boss say I don't get tired no matter how much I go)
  • 好 き な も の :nature, culture and people
  • Books that impressed me:Naomi Uemura's "Betting Your Youth on the Mountains"
  • Motto:Vivir mi vida, tomorrow the wind may not blow, lifelong active
  • Favorite music genre:Salsa, cumbia, bachata, reggaeton, ranchera (mariachi), some rock
  • Favorite music artist:X JAPAN (Yoshiki), GLOBE (TK), Juan Gabriel, José José, Vicente Fernandez, La Sonora Dinamita, Adolescentes Orquesta, etc.
  • Favorite instrument (just listen): piano, conga, drums, violin
  • Favorite food:Sushi, sashimi, ramen, curry, posole, mole, trout dishes, cheese
  • hated food:Weird meat, getty stuff, sweet stuff, fancy stuff
  • Favorite alcohol:beer, mezcal (tequila), sake
  • thing of interest:Honesty, Conversation, Dancing, Eating & Drinking, Reading (I can't read at all), Driving, Traveling with family, Photography, Running, Climbing, Guide to Mexico
  • Dislikes:Tatemae, group life and collective action, speculation, staying still, hitting stone bridges, bravado, compromise, inertia,
  • Favorite animal:cats, rabbits and some dogs
  • Impossible Creatures:ヘ ビ
  • Favorite Place:Mountains (general nature), cafes, deserted beaches, historic sites, dance halls
  • Disliked places:Theme parks, overdeveloped tourist sites, luxury hotels and resorts, fine dining, glamping grounds
  • Countries visited so far:Mexico, Cuba, USA, Canada, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia
  • Country you would like to visit:Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Austria, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Egypt
  • Places I want to go/things I want to do before I die:Hiking the Himalayas (even if you don't climb the mountains), seeing the Northern Lights, traveling to the Middle East (I hope you're safe), and spending your days quietly reading when you can't move.


1982 Born in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture

1995 XNUMXnd year study abroad in Uruki Village, Nagano Prefecture

1998 Entered Hamamatsu Commercial High School

2001 Entered Nihon University College of Commerce

2004-05 Living in Canada

2005 Stayed in Mexico for a month

2005-06 Fundraising at a Japanese factory

2006 Moved to Mexico

2007 Joined a trading company, went bankrupt in 08

2009 Business at a Japanese trading company

2018 Started wedding and tourism business

2019 Leaving office ⇒ current position

2020 Started life coach business
≫≫Latin life revival coaching

In 2022, I will be a father and a househusband at home


  • Cultural tourism guide certified by the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico/Category: Nationwide (NOM08-TUR-2002)

As one of the few certified Japanese guides, we will explain the complex Mexican culture in an easy-to-understand manner based on official information, and guide you safely and efficiently.


  • Mexican Ministry of Tourism Certified Nature Guide/Category: Hiking/Climbing (NOM09-TUR-2002)

As the only Japanese certified nature guide, I will guide you through the majestic mountains of Mexico.

  • Basic Life Support (First Aid) Course Completion Certificate (Valid for 2023 year from February 2)

This is a seminar held by the Mexican Red Cross.In natural guides, in addition to general knowledge, we also conduct training assuming emergencies in natural environments where ambulance vehicles cannot immediately arrive.


  • National Nature Reserve Guide Permit

I have a guide permit in the National Nature Reserves Malinche, Nevado de Toluca, Iztaccihuatl and Pico de Orizaba.


  • Travel agency registration

Registered as a guide business with the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico.

  • Mexican business driver license (Japanese ordinary second class license)

So far, I have driven about XNUMX km = XNUMX laps of the earth in Mexico.He has a thorough knowledge of the roads in various parts of Mexico, and has maintained a lifelong accident-free record.

  • International Coaching Federation Certified Life Coach

What is a life coach:

  1. ・Rather than “changing yourself”,"Return to yourself"to help
  2. ・Moderate life"balance"help you get
  3. ・Better future"design"help you to
  4. -"My values"help you live in

I am your life companion.


From the locals in Mexico, we are sending out topics about Mexico that are worth knowing, of course, about traveling to Mexico almost every day!

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