Before traveling
・Travel itinerary planning
・ We will answer unlimited questions about your trip to Mexico by email or LINE, so you don't have to worry about it.
・We also arrange tickets for events and concerts on your behalf.
After arrival
・Airport transfer
・Check-in at the hotel, help (including interpreter)
・Restaurant reservations
・We will take you door-to-door (from the entrance to the entrance) and take you to sightseeing spots and spots by car (comfortable SUV).
*Maximum of XNUMX adults.Please contact us if you need more than that.
・We will also communicate and interpret in Spanish when englishI often don't understandsoask meIt will be smoother by
・Explanation of sightseeing spots in Japanese
・OrdinaryI want to take a trip that is different from other people, not a trip,MeSee and feel MexicoRecommended for those who want
・Not listed in the guidebookTake us to amazing spots only locals knowI can do it
Please leave it to us for accident and irregular correspondence.
・If you feel unwell, we will take you to the hospital.
-For the Japanese, Iwasaki has lived in the area for a long time and knows the local situation in asking theyou can rest assured
・Support that can reach the itchy place according to the customer's convenience and request,Children and physically handicappedWilling to support those who havelet meI'm here.
Even in the situation of customers who are difficult to rely on other companies,Iwasaki will respond flexibly.