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Nice to meet you, everyone.

17 years in MexicoThis is Isao Iwasaki from .

I love traveling (poor travel) even in my private life, and I have driven almost all of the important points in the southern half of Mexico (south of the latitude where Zacatecas is located), the Baja California Peninsula, and some northern parts.I like it because when I go by car, I have the freedom to see the scenery along the way, stop and eat if there's something that looks good, and stay overnight wherever I like. As of 2019, I love driving so much that I have driven 10 times around the world (more than 40 km) in Mexico. (Continuing lifelong accident-free record)

My hobby is dancing (cumbia and salsa).She started doing it because she was a bad lover, but she loves it anyway, and no matter how bad things are, whether she's tired or sad, if she makes a fuss with her friends over tequila and salsa, everything will be blown away. (laughs) I got married in 2018, and dancing was also the reason I met my Mexican wife.In the car, there is always lively music such as salsa and cumbia, so even her wife is amazed.

I came to like Japanese sake after coming to Mexico.I also have a license as a sake taster, and I also like explaining Japanese sake to people in Mexico, including tequila.

Living as a Japanese (foreigner) in Mexican society amidst the values ​​of the Mexican people, traveling over 40 kilometers in Mexico, and being able to say, "This is Mexico!" I fell in love with the simplicity of Mexico that makes people happy and energetic.I believe that this is the true face of Mexico, and I started this business with the hope that even for a short time, everyone in Japan would be able to touch it with their five senses.I would like many people to feel that "I am a different person before I know Mexico" than I am after I know Mexico.

Zakkuri and this kind of person

  • Personality/Personality:Gentle, usually quiet but passionate about what he likes, sore loser, caring, poor talker but talkative, simple way of thinking, super open
  • Nickname:Human GPS (I drive all over Mexico, so if I look at the map before I leave, I can get almost anywhere without a navigation system = in a way a special skill), Human Cyborg (My wife and former boss say I don't get tired no matter how much I go)
  • 好 き な も の :nature, culture and people
  • Books that impressed me:Naomi Uemura's "Betting Your Youth on the Mountains"
  • Motto:Vivir mi vida, tomorrow the wind may not blow, lifelong active
  • Favorite music genre:Salsa, cumbia, bachata, reggaeton, ranchera (mariachi), some rock
  • Favorite music artist:X JAPAN (Yoshiki), GLOBE (TK), Juan Gabriel, José José, Vicente Fernandez, La Sonora Dinamita, Adolescentes Orquesta, etc.
  • Favorite instrument (just listen): piano, conga, drums, violin
  • Favorite food:Sushi, sashimi, ramen, curry, posole, mole, trout dishes, cheese
  • hated food:Weird meat, getty stuff, sweet stuff, fancy stuff
  • Favorite alcohol:beer, mezcal (tequila), sake
  • thing of interest:Honesty, Conversation, Dancing, Eating & Drinking, Reading (I can't read at all), Driving, Traveling with family, Photography, Running, Climbing, Guide to Mexico
  • Dislikes:Tatemae, group life and collective action, speculation, staying still, hitting stone bridges, bravado, compromise, inertia,
  • Favorite animal:cats, rabbits and some dogs
  • Impossible Creatures:ヘ ビ
  • Favorite Place:Mountains (general nature), cafes, deserted beaches, historic sites, dance halls
  • Disliked places:Theme parks, overdeveloped tourist sites, luxury hotels and resorts, fine dining, glamping grounds
  • Countries visited so far:Mexico, Cuba, USA, Canada, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia
  • Country you would like to visit:Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Austria, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Egypt
  • Places I want to go/things I want to do before I die:Hiking the Himalayas (even if you don't climb the mountains), seeing the Northern Lights, traveling to the Middle East (I hope you're safe), and spending your days quietly reading when you can't move.


1982 Born in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture

1995 XNUMXnd year study abroad in Uruki Village, Nagano Prefecture

1998 Entered Hamamatsu Commercial High School

2001 Entered Nihon University College of Commerce

2004-05 Living in Canada

2005 Stayed in Mexico for a month

2005-06 Fundraising at a Japanese factory

2006 Moved to Mexico

2007 Joined a trading company, went bankrupt in 08

2009 Business at a Japanese trading company

2018 Started wedding and tourism business

2019 Leaving office ⇒ current position

2020 Started life coach business
≫≫Latin life revival coaching

In 2022, I will be a father and a househusband at home


  • Cultural tourism guide certified by the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico/Category: Nationwide (NOM08-TUR-2002)

As one of the few certified Japanese guides, we will explain the complex Mexican culture in an easy-to-understand manner based on official information, and guide you safely and efficiently.


  • Mexican Ministry of Tourism Certified Nature Guide/Category: Hiking/Climbing (NOM09-TUR-2002)

As the only Japanese certified nature guide, I will guide you through the majestic mountains of Mexico.


  • Basic Life Support (First Aid) Course Completion Certificate (Valid for 2023 year from February 2)

This is a seminar held by the Mexican Red Cross.In natural guides, in addition to general knowledge, we also conduct training assuming emergencies in natural environments where ambulance vehicles cannot immediately arrive.

  • National Nature Reserve Guide Permit

I have a guide permit in the National Nature Reserves Malinche, Nevado de Toluca, Iztaccihuatl and Pico de Orizaba.



  • Travel business registration

Registered as a guide business with the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico.


  • Mexican business driver license (Japanese ordinary second class license)

So far, I have driven about XNUMX km = XNUMX laps of the earth in Mexico.He has a thorough knowledge of the roads in various parts of Mexico, and has maintained a lifelong accident-free record.

  • International Coaching Federation Certified Life Coach

What is a life coach:

  1. ・Rather than “changing yourself”,"Return to yourself"to help
  2. ・Moderate life"balance"help you get
  3. ・Better future"design"help you to
  4. -"My values"help you live in

I am your life companion.


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