[Traditional] Steamed sweet potato

When I was young, about 30 years ago, an “okoshi” (also known as puffed sweets) shop came near my parents’ house on a trolley.

Boom! !I remember that I often bought the revitalization that can be done with the explosion sound.

You can't see that kind of scenery now. . .

In Mexico, a sweet potato shop (called Camotero in Spanish) comes to my house about twice a week by pushing a trolley.

It's not an explosive sound, but the steam makes a loud sound to alert your neighbors.

It is like this ↓


That's what I'm selling.

Steamed sweet potato and banana.Sweet and delicious...

Mexico doesn't have a culture of roasted sweet potatoes, but when steamed like this, it's really sweet and delicious.

The price is XNUMX pesos, about XNUMX yen.

I just hope that this kind of business that parents and children have been doing for a long time will continue.