Was I this weak... [Favorite continuation] is power

The last day of the tournament was Father's Day (Día de los padres).For me, this day is the day I run a half marathon.

That said, I've been slacking off for the past few years.The habit of slacking off is scary, you end up not doing things you should like.

So this is my fourth time participating.However, the week before the tournament, I had an upset stomach.I was able to make a decision, but I thought it might be sushi I ate in a certain town. I had a fever and severe malaise, and was bedridden for two days.

After that, I managed to eat and go out, but it's not even a matter of adjustment before the competition.So it was a completely rambling performance.

This half marathon is held in Mexico City, which is located on the Central Plateau of Mexico, which is located on the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt that runs through Mexico from east to west, and is at an altitude of over 2200m above sea level.The Fujinomiya mouth of the 5th station of Mt.Fuji is 2400m, so it's just below that.

When people from the lowlands come here, they usually have a hard time for several days, saying, "I can't sleep at night...".If you bring sweets from Japan, the bag will be full, so I think it has a considerable impact.

The start/goal point is 2300, and the 90m downhill road feels really good, and I'm a little overpaced when I turn around, and after that, I climb 90m.This is coming slowly like a body blow to my legs that are recovering from illness and lacking practice.Height difference of 90 meters.

After 15km my calves started to twitch, then my thighs.For the last 2 kilometers, it was a repeated cycle of hanging and stopping.An old woman who seems to be in her 50s walks past me, who is in such a tattered state, at her own pace. "Was I so weak...?"

A goal at last.It goes without saying that the time is the lowest ever.

After all, I think that people who do what they love for a long time are "strong" even if their pace is slow.Among them was an old man who was 81 years old.

Even if it's not a marathon, I feel that it's important to do things that you like, hobbies, socializing, and to actively find pleasure and rewards instead of inertia.By doing so, I felt that I could naturally develop my legs, my body, and my abilities.In order to do that, you can't continue with a reactive feeling like "I have to do this" or "It's natural to do this", and even if you continue, you won't get used to it.Above all, it's painful, and it's a waste to have a short life that you've been given.

In my case, I continue to love [traveling], and now this is becoming a vocation in this way.I traveled eight times around the world by land in Mexico, so I spent a lot of money and time.That's why I don't have more things or savings than other people.Of course, there is no prospect of buying a house.Instead, I feel that I have developed a little more sensitivity to culture, nature, and people.

For that reason,[Favorite continuation is power]Listen to your heart and try to do what you like honestly without thinking about the consequences.It seems easy but it's very difficultIt may be, but it shouldn't hurt to try it.What you can't do is live by inertia.If you do it out of inertia, you will end up destroying your body and mind.I was thinking about that in my head, but this time I literally felt it with my body.