my friends!

"I didn't join the company with everyone holding hands, let's go!"

At one point, there was a time when some of my co-workers wanted to stop by and tried to beat me up.It was the second year since my predecessor was a strict boss and I became a relaxed boss.A truly lawless area.

When I listened to the stories around me, it seemed that the unfounded illusion that I was being given special treatment because I was a “favorite” of my boss was shared among employees and expanded.Almost all-out. (bitter smile) My boss doesn't understand Spanish well and doesn't understand the situation, so I take advantage of it, make it up, exaggerate, and I'm busy thinking, "Why are you spending so much time on such a trivial thing?"At the "sales meeting" every Monday, my "lifting" is held forever in front of my boss who doesn't know anything.When I recall that scene now, I am deeply moved, saying, "Ah, what an interesting and narrow world I was in."

At that time, I told my boss, "I don't understand why this is happening. If this kind of 'discussion' is still going to continue, I think we should at least understand the background and the current situation before doing it. Otherwise it's just a waste of time."The opening phrase is a response to that.

In short, it means "It's impossible to understand each other, it's impossible to build a relationship of trust."

Well, that's the reality.Don't expect too much from your co-workers.I understand that.I got burned too.The reality is that most people think only of themselves.But if you, your boss, show that kind of aura, people won't follow you when it matters most. (bitter smile) There is a saying, "compassion is not for others," but is that a dead phrase now?

For most of your life, for several years or decades, you have to associate with people in the company whether you like it or not.I think it's simply a waste to go out with these people for a huge amount of time by falsifying your heart and face.Colleagues who have worked together for years or decades become strangers as soon as they quit.After all, it's a little lonely and a waste.

Unless you're a very problematic employee, it's not true that you've gone through the troubles of a short life to [encounter], shared the joys and sorrows in the workplace, and worked together, so if you could, you would continue to associate with them as [friends]. UkaIf you can.I don't expect more than necessary, but I think it would be nice if I could do that.


It was my mother-in-law's birthday the other day.We gave you a serenata. [Serenata] is to give the music played live by the band to your loved ones.stylish giftis.As you all know, the band is called [Mariachi].The person's house, restaurant, time of confession, place and situation are various.

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It seems that these people have been performing together for more than 30 years, although there have been some changes.I'm sure there's something wrong, but in the end we're always together. All seven of us are Mariachi.I think this is the fundamental way to make customers happy together.

Life is short.If we value more essential things as human beings, the sense of stagnation that prevails in modern society will naturally disappear.One of the reasons why I like Mexico is that I can catch a glimpse of such a part of everyday life in Mexico.