The question "Are you happy?"

Hello everyone.Mexico City today is about 30 degrees. It's about XNUMX degrees at XNUMXm.Last night I went to an outdoor reggae concert, but the wind was blowing at night and the sensible temperature was a little low.

I haven't heard much about reggae itself, but this music is said to have originated in Jamaica, and when Mexicans play it, the conga is added, and the rhythm becomes something like cumbia or salsa. It was interesting. (smile)

When I saw everyone dancing like they were drunk, giving themselves up to the music, I thought that music could make so many people happy, even if it was just for a short period of time.

The title of this time is"What is happiness?"It's become a solemn thing.I'm sure you've all heard of things like "I'm happy to be married!" or "I'm going to have a happy family!"

I'm so happy... How can I say "I'm happy!" in the first place?Is there a boundary line somewhere, from here on out unhappiness here, from here on out happy here?

The other day, my mother-in-law asked me directly, "I saw it on TV, are Japanese people happy?"I said, "I don't know much about people, but I think there are a lot of people who don't really feel happy even though they say they're happy."

The reason is my actual experience, daily news, and what I feel when talking to people in Japan.I just feel that way.Maybe that's why everyone is really happy.

It doesn't matter if it's real or pretentious, happy or unhappy. .I don't care about such things, or rather, I feel that thinking about them itself becomes silly.

In the midst of magnificent nature, factional disputes and fences in companies, organizations, and societies are actually nothing more than storms in a cup.If I were to worry about such things one by one, my bones would break, and in the first place, life is short-lived... I want to make sure that in the end, I don't end up miserably like a self-made big tree.

I've been feeling this for a long time, but I felt it especially when I went to Oaxaca last week when I saw countless cacti in the valleys and salt fields that suddenly appeared in the mountains.

A single cactus about 1 meters long.A cactus that is well over 70 years old, or even XNUMX years old, has its lower epidermis cracked under its own weight and scarred repeatedly, making it look like a tree trunk.Today, it is a highland area with an altitude of about XNUMXm, but in ancient times, seawater trapped in the sea due to upheaval due to crustal movements became rocks, and gradually melted into groundwater, becoming salt water and springing out, creating salt fields on the surface of the mountains.After an astronomical amount of time, I honestly think it's amazing that it exists in the palm of my hand in a white and visible form.

You may not be able to see it, but there is a mural called "Horse" in the hollow of the rock in the center of the photo below.It is said to belong to the people who lived in this area about 7000 years ago.There are several caves in the area that also have wall paintings, but are now off-limits due to what appears to have been spray-painted by prodigals.







Salt field in mountainous area It is said that salt has been made for over 500 years.







It is a view from the top of the ruins before and after the origin.Isn't it romantic to think that the people of that time must have been looking at the same topography?






If, among those who have read this far, there are people who think, "I'm not happy," "I'm in agony," "I'm feeling desperate," or "I can't do anything." Please message me by email or line.

MoreoverIf you come to Mexico, I am sure you will be able to find a different version of yourself.Please contact me.

I had a time like that too.And it took quite a long time... But in my case, Mexico saved me.Of course, there were many things I didn't like about Mexico.I have been deceived many times. (Tears and anger) But if I hadn't come to Mexico, I don't know what would have happened by now.

People who don't have the courage right now, but want to broaden their world and horizons, people who have an adventurous spirit, people who want to feel romance...Mexican recommendation.

*The three photos were taken 8 years ago with friends of 1 years.I was only XNUMX... As I said above, "happiness or misfortune doesn't matter here", but with the influence of the Internet and human relationships becoming weaker, I couldn't keep "friends" for such a long time in a foreign land in this world. If I say, "I'm unhappy!", I'm sure that God will abandon me, saying, "You're too selfish!"


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