[XNUMX] XNUMX years since then

Exactly nine years ago today.


There was that painful earthquake.


I am not a direct victim of the earthquake.

I remember that day like it was yesterday.


I was in Irapuato, Guanajuato on a business trip that day.

There was also the fact that the reception to the customer the day before was late,

I was still asleep at XNUMX o'clock that day.


When I woke up after XNUMX o'clock, there were about XNUMX calls from Mexican friends,

Although I thought, "What is it?"

"You can call me back after waking up",

I went to the cafeteria below to eat breakfast.


I first learned about the situation from the TV footage that was there.


Because the epicenter was off the coast of Tohoku,

While thinking that Shizuoka, where my parents live, would be fine,

As soon as I called,

My now-deceased mother answered the phone,

I remember hearing about the tsunami crawling across the rice fields on the Japanese news.


In my previous job, I worked as a food import wholesaler.

Like other countries, the Mexican customs office is already a little cumbersome,

Due to the radiation leak from this earthquake, the arrival of the product was greatly delayed,

Local restaurant and retail customers were greatly affected.

Of course, it goes without saying that our import wholesalers were even more affected.


Although the situation is completely different,

The flow of people and things has expanded dramatically,

Today, when movements on a global scale have become commonplace,

We are keenly aware of the impact of the second and third waves of the effects of disasters and diseases (the WHO declared a coronavirus pandemic yesterday) that occur across the sea.

Even with this virus turmoil, cancellations have occurred one after another, and the number of inquiries has decreased sharply...

Even if you're not a direct victim, you can't become a person at all.


Disasters and epidemics cannot be prevented, but

Get out of the crisis situation as soon as possible

Little by little we rebuild what we have lost materially and economically,

I wish you to return to your original daily life.