The sincerity of [not saying].

Sincerity not to say.


This time we will be a little away from the topic of Mexico,

“Ah, the hearts of Japanese people are wonderful.”

I would like to write about the experience that I felt.


I was born Japanese,

I am a Japanese who received a Japanese education from elementary, junior high, high school, and high school.


No matter how long Mexico is,

"I'm already Mexican!"

I can't say that, and I don't intend to.


"Why are you playing around overseas anyway?"

I think some people think that

In the first place, "Charan poran"

What do you mean? (bitter smile)


Well, I like the topic,



The longer you live abroad,

On the other hand, places that are typical of Japan,

About Japanese cultureI'm getting interestedHm.

(of course it depends on the person)


I had an experience like this when I went back four years ago.


With my father, wife and two Mexican friends,

I went to Yamanouchi Onsen in Nagano Prefecture.

This is the place where monkeys bathe in hot springs in winter. (smile)


I stayed at a hot spring inn there.

enter the hot springs,

have a meal,

When I was in a good mood drinking my favorite beer,

You picked up the coaster in front of you casually.

When I turned it over (it's a bit vague, I'm not sure),

I'm pretty sure it was "Nyoi Hoju" or something.

Anyway, the idiom was written.

It was a way of saying thank you.

of course,

From pick-up to send-off,

The proprietress will take good care of you.


What I thought was "good"

On the premise that it doesn't matter if the customer doesn't see it,

In a place where you dare not see (behind the coaster),

Write down a few letters of gratitude.


Only Japanese can do this,

I don't think it's understood.


How long will globalization and

Even if the development of communication tools accelerates,

Like thisvery humanWell,

should definitely be leftI think so.


I happened to pass by and saw a morning assembly in front of an optician.

Line up and say "Welcome!"

Employees were "practicing" greetings.


The recent national uniform XNUMX yen benefit,

A celebrity who seems to have money

"I will decline!"

I profess,

"Shut up and take it,

If you want to help people, you should shut up and donate..."

I thought.

I was saying some reason, but

after allwant to be likedI guess...


Even if your main job is an actor and you have a lot of variety for some reason,

"There are many people who are suffering, so I will work for free!"




The feeling of really thinking about the other person,

Something that doesn't ask for anything in return

no matter how much you excuseulterior motives.


Here in Mexico

My Mexican acquaintances

This corona disaster,

Some people start donation activities with their friends.

Of course, I didn't announce it on SNS,

A closed group.

Each one is a person who comes to mind,

Under this circumstance,

Make a list of those who are exposed to difficult circumstances,

give them a brief interview to understand their background,

share within the group

It is an activity that will be donated if approval is obtained.

of course,

Even after donating

SNS, etc.

"We donate a total of $$$ to so many people!"

“I am contributing to society!”

WhatI didn't say


per case

It's a small amount of money.

It's about XNUMX yen in Japanese yen with everyone,

That's two days worth of wages.

If you live with two people, you can buy groceries for about a week and a half.



don't ask for anything in return,

without ulterior motives,

The feeling of thinking of people.


Shouldn't we reconsider in this day and age?