Easy Mexican food at home: [Guacamole]

If you like avocado,

I think there are many people who have probably heard about it.


Guacamole (guacamole).


If you like avocado, I think you've eaten it once.


So far,

Cacao and vanilla are native to Mexico.

I wrote on my blog,


So is avocado. (smile)


It is native to central Mexico.

The area around Uruapan in Michoacán is famous for its production.

Mexico, Nayarit, Jalisco and Morelos.

These five states account for XNUMX% of production.

There is also production in the highlands of neighboring Guatemala.


by the way,

Avocado is native to Mexico

It's not Spanish. (smile)

in mexicoAguacateIt's called.


Guacamole doesn't even come from Spanish!

This isNahuatl.



It's confusing because two languages ​​are used. (smile)

For the Mexican language,

I will write again.


The etymology is Nahuatl,


AhuacatlAguacate (avocado), which later became Spanish,

A bubblemeans sauce in Nahuatl.

Mulli later became the etymology of the Mexican dish Mole.

In Spanish,

Waka with the A from Ahuacatl and the Tl at the end of the word,

Mulli becomes Mole (source),

avocado sauce,

つ ま りGuacamole (guacamole)

It became


Let's talk avocado a little more.

The avocado tree of the Lauraceae family dates back to Mesoamerican times.

“Sacred Tree”

It was called

What is the sacred tree?

“Bring Life”It is.

Why is life born from avocados?

You need to know the meaning of Ahuacatl in Nahuatl.

Meaning of "testicle"What is it?

No, seriously. (smile)

☝☝☝Avocado Tree

☝☝☝Avocado farm

I'm not talking nasty things,

The shape of the avocado fruit resembles a testicle (Testiulo in Spanish).

I think that those who read the blog every time or the back number already know,

Mexican ancestors

Sexuality is a symbol of the birth of lifeAs,

"Sacred things",

That's what you thought.


There are about XNUMX kinds of avocados in Mexico.

Commonly eaten

Hass, which is also in Japan,







Avocado is called Ahuacate in Mexico.

In the same Spanish-speaking world,

In South America, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile (Chile), Peru, Uruguay,

It is called Palta.


With that,

I can't stop writing about avocado, so

I'm about to go to the main topic, making guacamole. (bitter smile)


I will introduce how to make avocado for Mexican food beginners.

Super easy!

XNUMX minutesI can do it.


Guacamole (guacamole) is convenient because it can be used all over the place.

meat and

Snacks such as potato chips and totopo (fried tortillas cut into bite-sized pieces),

It goes well with greasy foods such as fried foods.



1 avocado

appropriate amount of salt and pepper

Onion appropriate amount

Cilantro as you like

Lime (or lemon if you don't have it) Appropriate amount

Appropriate amount of olive oil


with a large seed inside,

Cut a slit around the avocado half with a knife.

When you put it in, pop it in half.

Hit the seeds with the blade of a knife and twist to release the seeds.

This is a duck that is surprisingly difficult if you do not get used to it.

If they are not fully ripe, they will be hard and difficult to remove.

After seeding,

Take out the pulp with a spoon

If you like, add salt, pepper, onions, etc. and mash them.

You can also crush it to your liking,

Some people mash it so that some solid flesh remains,

Some people completely smash it into mush.

Add a little water to adjust the viscosity.

☝☝☝I also added thin green onions left over from the miso soup.


that's all. (smile)


After that, you can put it on your favorite dish,

Enjoy wearing it!

☝☝☝Totopo (fried or baked tortilla hardened)

It's a standard side dish for sake.Even potato chips are OK!

The white one is cheese.