In Mexico, they put a lid on something that stinks.

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About travel and overseas life in the world,

Randomly almost every day,

I am writing freely from Mexico,

This is a loose Mexican blog [Kiote Tsushin].


Only 12 hours by direct flight from Narita,

Leave it to us for overseas travel and sightseeing in Mexico for the year-end and New Year holidays in 2022.

A Mexican guide and driver who has lived in Mexico for 17 years,

Complex and vast Mexico,

[Beneficial], [Easy], and [Rich]IFully Private Japanese Tourso,

From numerous ruins to gourmet food, local attractions, and the majestic mountains of Mexico,

We will guide you through the endless charm of Mexico!


During the childcare period,

Your posts are intermittent.

I'll be back to posting almost every day when I calm down.

If you don't call this "generous", who can you call "generous"? (smile)


👆 Chatting with an old man in Campeche


Today is a chat~

It's probably of no use to anyone,

If you are interested, please check back tomorrow.


What is it?

"The problem that the security alarm does not stop ringing" (bitter smile)


I live in the capital of Mexico,

It's a city called Mexico City.

It's a pretty big town.

With a population of over 2000 million people including the metropolitan areas,

It's already

It's a lively town~ (laughs)


Again, it will be a comparison with Japan,

Unlike Japan where it is safe to go anywhere,

Even in the same town called Mexico City,

There are good places and bad places.

People who come to travel to Mexico without knowing it,

It is said that they are sometimes attacked,

It's a safe zone and a dangerous zone,

It is necessary to know in advance.


My house is located in a quiet residential area.

It's not high-class at all, but (bitter smile)

Good transportation,

Because the public order is also good,

Rent is a bit expensive in this area.

It's been 15 years since I've lived in this area.


Echoing in such a quiet residential area,

The sound of an emergency bell that keeps ringing loudly.

I don't know how to express it in onomatopoeia,

That's the sound of the fire alarm. (bitter smile)


what's going on

Sometimes it rings intermittently,

For several hours in a row,

For the day, it may continue to ring until the morning.

Don't worry about your neighbors sleeping. (Ursai!)


I went to see where it was pronounced,

There are people because the lights are on.

Not an empty house.


I have no intention of fixing it.


If you can't fix

I think you should turn off the power.

I don't do that either.


It's been a whole week since the bell started ringing.

a whole week,

day or night,

If the fire alarm bell continues to ring,

In Japan, the neighbors do not allow it,

XNUMX out of XNUMX the police are coming?

I think it will do something.

But here in Mexico? (bitter smile)

It's been a week and no one has done anything.

(Including me, wry smile)


How long will this last

It looks like it's already becoming an endurance competition.


Am I the only one who cares about it because I'm surprisingly nervous? (bitter smile)

👆 is a possible story,

I'm a babysitter and stay up until dawn.


Right next to or right in front of the place of pronunciation,

I think it's more annoying,

No one really seems to say anything. (bitter smile)


I also write that

Somehow already

"Oh, it's ringing again"

It seems that I have stopped thinking about it. (bitter smile)

It seems that the sensation is paralyzed.

I think about countermeasures such as raising the volume of my music from being noisy.


In such cases,

"I give up on things I can't help myself"

"I do what I can"

is the correct answer. (bitter smile)


The correct answer is to put a lid on something that stinks. (smile)

Without looking for or pursuing the culprit who left the smelly thing.


I said, "If the bell goes crazy and doesn't stop ringing, turn off the power."

What I think is

It's "unusual" for them.

So you can't help but expect

Perhaps someone who thinks so

I feel like the majority of my neighbors.


I would like to learn from you too. (bitter smile)



nothing to do with mexican tourism

"Fire alarm problem that does not stop ringing"

I tried to write.


Japan has long been said to be intolerant.

Everyone too

Give up on things that are outside your scope,

Let's live "generously"~ (laughs)


(It's 3 o'clock in the morning now, ahhh, turn up the volume of the music speakers!)


See you soon... (bitter smile)


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