Encounter in XNUMX.

Encounter in XNUMX.


It has already been XNUMX years since I came to Mexico.

“Already XNUMX years”

with the feeling that

“Eh, XNUMX years old?”

It's a strange feeling that the two emotions are crossed.


Speaking of XNUMX years,

It's the time when a child who was in the first grade of elementary school finishes the second grade of university.

When you think about it, the time has passed very quickly.


vice versa,

I can remember that time quite vividly,

I can remember a lot of things as if they happened last month,

"It's only been XNUMX years since then."

The feeling is born.


In my first year in Mexico, I still can't speak Spanish,

A young man with zero social experience,

I went on a poor trip with one rucksack.

The destination is Chiapas, where the pre-Mayan culture flourished.

In a combi (small bus) that is a local foot,

I was walking around a small village.


From that time on, I wasn't interested in famous sightseeing spots,

Because my hobby was photography,

It looks like Mexico

I was looking for a place where I could see the lives of rural residents.

☝☝☝The family I met on the way from Sitara to Guaquitepec on foot.

Women wear folk costumes.


At that time

I went to a village called Chilon in Chiapas,

I decided to stay at an inn that happened to be there.

At night, enjoy the bread you bought at the store for dinner in the shared space.

When I was eating alone,

A couple of similar age came next to me

He spoke to me kindly.


Letty and Alfredo from Guatemala.

I still remember (smile)


If you were communicating in poor Spanish,

"I'm going to visit a relative's house in Sitala village tomorrow, so would you like to go with me?"

He invited me.


OK with two replies.

I went to the village the next day.


It was there that I met the Constantino family.

That night, I was thinking of setting up a tent in a vacant lot and sleeping outdoors.

You kindly let this stranger Asian stay with you!

☝☝☝The Constantino family in XNUMX.


Moreover, I was treated to a delicious home-cooked meal.

That night, the villagers will go hunting,

I was taken with me with a gun.

Unfortunately, no prey was caught,

I remember walking through the forest at midnight, holding our breath.


The year before last, in XNUMX, we met again for the first time in XNUMX years.

In XNUMX, I didn't have a phone, so I couldn't contact him.

It was a sudden visit,

Everyone remembered it. (joy)


At that time, I was shrewdly taken care of for one night,

We talked about what we had met in the last XNUMX years.


The youngest child who was a baby also went to junior high school,

A child who was in the first year of high school has already become a splendid adult,

The shack was being remodeled (laughs).


Although the speed of life is super slow,

Japan, Mexico City, Sitara in the mountains,

on earth,

Time is moving at the same speed

I thought deeply about it.


We are now connected on Facebook,

I was able to get in touch with them from time to time if something happened,

But I still want to go see you once in a while.

It's about XNUMX kilometers away, so it's a bit far, but... (bitter smile)


on second thoughts,

Knowing who you are


But even if the countries and regions are different, we can understand each other,

It's nice.


Everyone too

Even if you don't understand Spanish

Please try the challenge!