Portuguese wonders only in Brazil.

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Why Mexico,

Is Spanish the official language in Latin America?


This is what I wanted to write yesterday but failed to write. (bitter smile)

(I don't have a plan like this, trouble)


Far away in the Philippines,

If you're two or three generations older than me

Some people seem to understand Spanish.


Because it was colonized by Spain, of course.

More on that history later.


Then.WhatSo Brazil is the only Portuguese language, right?

It is the only country in the Americas where Portuguese is an official language.


This includesCatholic churchis deeply involved.


No matter what I say now,

after allA world ruled by moneybut,

At that time, the Catholic Church ruled the world.I was doing it.

With the voice of the pope's crane,

The territory of a country is decided.

"Yes, this is Spain from here,

This is Portugal

That's what it means.


Portugal is

surrounded by Spain

It is a difficult situation to expand the territory and develop.

The only way to develop it was to buy spices in India by sailing.


Portugal became independent from the Kingdom of Castile (Spain) in XNUMX.

Ahead of Spain, it has taken the lead in the Age of Discovery,

Under the pretext of "proselytizing" from the Pope,

Got a doctrine to monopolize the discovery and acquisition of other lands.

It was XNUMX.Japan was XNUMX years before the Onin War.


After that, Spain also needed a route to India,

In XNUMX, Pope Sixtus IV of Rome

A demarcation line was established to divide the Atlantic Ocean into north and south.To do.

thisAeterni RegisIt's called.

XNUMX degrees north latitude where the Canary Islands are locatedThe land found in the area north of is Spanish,

further south that of Portugal,

I did.

no matter where they are,

It's at the discretion of the Pope!

Of course, under the pretext of missionary work,

☝☝☝Aeterni-Lehis line (blue line) and Columbus' first route


This made it impossible for the Spanish team to take the South Africa route,

We sailed west and headed for Asia and India.

I thought that the island I found on the way was India,

The people who lived there were called Indians.

So you called the West India, including the surrounding islands.

These names still exist today.

As you know, this is why the indigenous peoples of the Americas are called Indians or Indians.


But this is also a convenient way for the invaders, the Spaniards, to call it.

at leastdo not use in mexico.


Back thenSouth America has not yet been “discovered” by EuropeansIt's time.


In the following year, XNUMX, Portugal submitted a complaint to the Pope.

It is "unfair" to this unexpected "discovery" by the Spaniard.


and the pope

XNUMX leagues west of Portugal's Azores (XNUMX league about XNUMX km) (Around XNUMX°W) east of the meridian, Portugal,

I decided that the west would be Spain's share.

this meridianinter caetela papal meridianIs called.


Portugal, unconvinced by this pro-Spanish ruling,

This time directly to Isabella of Spain,

Direct negotiations without the intervention of the Pope,

Further west XNUMX leagues (XNUMX league about XNUMX km)negotiate.

This is famousThe Papal meridian passing near XNUMX°W,

Treaty of Tordesillas.

☟☟☟The red line is the Inter Caetera line, the blue line is the Tordecillas line


This meridian

at that timeSouth American continent Brazil that Europeans did not know yetis hanging on

It was later recognized as a Portuguese colony.

That's why only Brazil speaks Portuguese.That's why.


As many of you may know,

Many of you may not have known! ?


If the Spanish side compromises,

If the meridian were shifted further west,

Portuguese may have been spoken in more countries in Central and South America.


and vice versa,

ifPope's SpoonSo, (troublesome)

If the Aeterni-Rehis meridian were further east,

Brazil may have been Spanish too~


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