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Mexico is also famous for coffee ☕, and the production volume is the 10th in the world (it fluctuates depending on the year).
I went to Xico village in Veracruz the other day.Along with neighboring Coatepec, it is one of the most famous areas for coffee production.It's about 330 kilometers due west of Mexico City.

Blue Mountain, Kilimanjaro, and many other famous brands exist in the world.There is no such thing.For the people of this area, coffee is not a special and expensive drink, but just like Japanese people buy tea 🍵 at the local tea shop and drink it with every meal, coffee is indispensable to the dining table of the people of this area.The unnamed coffee you drink in such a rural production area is exceptional, and I think it's a true flavor that disregards the brand.

You might think that coffee beans are just bitter, but they actually have a slight sweetness.Beans are made up of 3 layers, and when the soft outer skin is peeled off, the hard shell appears, and when it is further peeled, white beans come out.That's raw coffee beans, and when you roast it, it's going to be that black fragrant coffee bean.

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