The Deepening Mystery of Chichen Itza Part XNUMX

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Chichen Itza Part XNUMX.


Last time, I ended up just explaining the name of Chichen Itza. (bitter smile)

This is my second time.


The heyday of this city

It is believed to be around XNUMX to XNUMX.



in those years

Rather than having a precise beginning and end,

Of course, from well before XNUMX (Chichen Itza at least XNUMX years ago),

It was inhabited.

Although its power declined after XNUMX,

It continued to be used religiously.


Why is this monument important?

In a nutshell, one of the reasons is

"The distant structures of the Tula ruins,

The two melon buildings

Because it's here in the Chichen Itza ruins."


☝☝☝These two buildings
Chichen Itza above, Tula below

☝☝☝Positional relationship between the two cities
XNUMX km in a straight line,
It is about XNUMX km by land.



What do you think?

It was XNUMX years ago from now!


So far in the form of a clearly huge building,

The buildings that characterize Tula, the capital of Toltec culture,

There is no other.


If the power of Tura was so great,

in other regions,

I wish there were more similar buildings.

To be precise,

There may have been

Something as big as Chichen Itza

I haven't found it, at least until today.It is


about this,

Broadly dividedThree "theories"There is

Because it is a theory,

It should be noted that it is not absolute.


The first is,

Construction by the Toltecs in Tula.

The second is,

Through the Chontal, a powerful Mayan tribe,

The Toltec influence is said to have reached Chichen Itza.

The third is

The theory that it was through Tikal and Calakmul in the early Maya period.


After the famous Teotihuacan declined in the XNUMXs,

Cantona, who had a hostile relationship,

Central Mexico (the area around today's Mexico City) became the largest city in the Altiplano area,

It remained in power until around XNUMX when the Tula of Toltec culture began to rise.

☝☝☝Chronology of cities in the Altiplano Central Region
Besides these cities, there are other cities such as Cholula and Xochicalco.
It is omitted in Coco.

After that Tula until around XNUMX,

In addition to the Altiplano area,

Veracruz and further afield also influence the Mayan culture.


The story of the Toltecs building the city of Chichen Itza

We will confront the intermediary theory of the Mayan Chontal tribe.


Around the tenth century,

The Chontal tribe

They are believed to have settled in the eastern part of present-day Tabasco.

☝☝☝ Around here.


This area is

It is also a common point in the prosperity of Olmec culture,

very important position in tradeWhat is it?

people and things in the isthmus,

In addition to that, it is easy to gather cultures.

The Chontal tribe

Yucatan Maya Territory,

Gulf of Mexico,

And he was in charge of logistics in central Mexico.It is considered.


As a result, the Chontal tribe

Influenced by the Toltecs of Tula,

There is also exchange with the Maya people of Yucatan,

Gradually the cultures of both poles influence through Chontar,

led to the construction of Chichen Itza

That is the second theory.



In a survey that followed,

When I checked the ages of the main buildings in Chichen Itz,

I understand that it was built from around the XNUMX's to the mid-XNUMX's.




Main buildings of Chichen Itz = XNUMX's to early XNUMX's

Tula's heyday = XNUMX-XNUMX

The heyday of Chichen Itz = XNUMX-XNUMX


In other words,

Even before the Turra became a powerful force in the Altiplano region,

The construction of the main building of Chichen Itz had been done,


Even if it wasn't finished

In Chichen Itza, the capital of another cultural area (Maya area),

"in some way"

Toltec culture to the extent that the influence is strongly reflected

"Human relations"

was already completed.

Is it possible that this could happen

That's the focus.


The third theory is

Major city of the early Maya,

Built by Calakmul and Tikal.


According to the histories compiled by the Spaniards,

The humans of "Tollan"

Built Chichen Itza

That's it.

In the history book, it is written that there was an exchange with the people of Tolan.

For a long time the Trang was thought to be Tula,

The torans mentioned in this history book are

Isn't it Calakmul and Tikal of the same Mayan culture?

It is now possible to think.


In other words,

Neither the Toltecs of Tula nor the Mayan Chontars,

By the Mayans of the major cities of the early Maya period,

Chichen Itza may have been built

That's it.


On the relationship between the Toltecs and the Maya,

I can't fully explain it yet due to my lack of study,

Teotihuacan before Tula

There was trade with the Maya cultureThat means

This is a fact known from the stone monuments of Tikal and Copan.

So with Tula and those early Mayan metropolises,

Wouldn't it be strange if there was some kind of contact?


What do you guys think? (smile)


I believe that the theory through the Chontal tribe is

I think it's the most realistic story.


For this,

There is still no definitive proof of this.

for that reason,

It is one of the most "difficult" "mysteries" in Mexican archeology.


on a trip to mexico

Please try to challenge this "mystery". (smile)



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