The Deepening Mystery of Chichen Itza, Part XNUMX

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

“Showing the true face of Mexico to the world!'

with the motto

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a licensed tour guide and driver in Mexico.


Chichen Itza.

Did you know without saying?

It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Mexico.


If you are going to Cancun,

I think it's almost always going to be a set.



It's ′′ that event ′′ on the vernal equinox day.

of the main religious building "El Castillo"

On the stairs on the east side (not called Escalinata)

The “pattern” expressed by light and shadow,

"Advent of Kukulcan"

is said to mean

It is crowded with many tourists every year to see it.

Kukulcan is

A god in the form of a snake.

I hope to have another chance to write about this.

☟☟☟This is it.

(Fuente Arqueologia Mexicana)

Even if you look at Instagram,

In the photos of people who went to Mexico,

Maybe Chichen Itza

Teotihuacan is out.


On the other hand, I would like to note that

Such ruins

Based on the criteria of famous and unknown,

Is it important or not?

that it is not decided

It's better to know.


For example,

I'll talk to you later about Tula.

The ruins date from XNUMX to XNUMX,

It was one of the major cities of Mesoamerica with great power.

It is the capital of the Toltec culture, which the Messicas (Aztecs) also worshiped.



I don't think most people have heard of it.

Also in the guidebook

It is written only a little as "remarks".

Tourist companies don't seem to be interested in ruins that can't be sold,

They don't even guide you.

I've had a customer only once so far,

If you don't know the history of


It may be a duck that you can't get.


Back to the topic,

There is no correlation between popularity and importance.



Why is Chichen Itza so famous?

first of all

Among the ruins of Mesoamerican cities, which are said to number more than XNUMX in Japan,

Along with Teotihuacan, etc.

one of the most explored ruinsThat's why.

That means

There is a lot of information that accompaniesThat's why.


The second isLocation.

From the Cancun area, a world-famous resort,

Less than XNUMX kilometers.

You can get there in less than two and a half hours.

That means

It is easy to hold events such as "Advent of Kukulkan",

about it.



While prefaced

I've exceeded half of the amount of sentences I've decided on. (burn)

You have to split this in two.



Named Chichen Itza.

Chi Ch'en Itz á



The meaning is

"The Edge of the Fountain of Itzaes"



It is big even if I go with the fountain,

A circle with a diameter of about XNUMXm,

The depth of the pool is about XNUMXm.

this fountain,


It's called.

This is Cenote.


I will write more about the cenote later.

Water is accumulated in underground cavities formed by the impact of super-giant meteorites that collided with this area in ancient times.


At the bottom of the cenote,

These are the ruins of Chichen Itza.


Of the several cenotes at this site,

A typicalChenk ú,

Known as the "Sacred Cenote"

is called

From the main “pyramid” that often appears in the media at the beginning,

It's about XNUMXm north.


The existence of a cenote

It is also one of the characteristics of this ruins.


used extensively in religious ceremonies.

In the past two diving surveys,

at the bottom of the cenoteA large amount of human bones and "offerings"is found.

As you can see,

used in human sacrifice ceremoniesSounds like that.



Maya Chontal,

Another name for a group of Putun tribes.

The surrounding tribes

themItzaesI was calling.


It's confusing.

Itza = Chontal tribe of Mayan origin = Itzaes

Please remember.


For that reason,

Chichen Itzais named.


This time I ended up just explaining the name, but (bitter smile)

I will write more details next time.

Please look forward to it ~



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