Lack of self-confidence ⇒ Lack of own culture

According to Forbis,

“Are you confident that you will succeed in your work?”

It seems that it was a question survey in XNUMX countries.


The result is


Japan is the lowest among XNUMX countries.


Japan is the number one country with no self-confidenceSuch you.


By the way, from the top, the countries that I have confidence in are:




United Arab Emirates,






Japan is a culturally "modesty" national character,

High peer pressure and perfectionismThat's right.


I agree.


Now is the time for globalization,

There are many trends like "Do something different from others",

It's a really "weird" feeling. (bitter smile)

Culturally, there is no such Japan.

Then say global, global

I think it is unreasonable to introduce individualism.


In fact, still

When you get out of the circle of harmony

Don't you get beaten or stared at?


I think, "Wasn't it time to show off your individuality?"

I'm used to it. (bitter smile)



If that humility is a good thing about Japanese people,

ItYou just have to put it out in the foreground and deal with foreigners openlyI think.

Don't say weird individuality, individuality, etc.

Modesty = you don't necessarily have to show your personality.


What I learned from being abroad

The good thing about Japanese culture is humilityOr

It is a place where you are considerate of others.


I really feel that when I interact with customers who come to my place.

“Ah, Japanese people are really nice.”



First meeting with me

And even though you are my customer,

Take great care of me

Depending on the customer, you can bring a great souvenir.

This is not the case in other countries.


The important thing isdon't compare yourself with others.

i have my own culture.

There is no need to force your own culture to fit someone else's specifications.

if you allow it,

At the end of the day, I no longer know who I am.


There is a large amount of various information,

Depending on how you look at it, in a world where “everyone is saying the right thing”.

Under such circumstances, "Because that person with a good head is doing it"

If you are swept away for reasons such as

Nothing is left behind.


After having something like "I live like this!"

Think to yourself, “Ah, there are other ways of looking at things and ways of thinking,” and try to digest them.

Then trees grow in the garden of my house and flowers begin to bloom.

Some people even start a home garden,

Some people put a lawn in it and make it a relaxing space.

Bring in what you see and say "that's nice",

Think and act on your ownmake it your own.


I think anyone would feel uneasy if they didn't have their own (home).

I have a place to go,

there's someone to pick me up,

I have someone to hold me,

And there are people to hug


This may be unconscious, but I think it's a very important thing as a human being.

Today, famous businessmen have no family, no home,

It seems that some people live in hotels, but...


I don't want to be so busy.

insecure person.People who are boring now.A person who is uneasy about the future.

As I wrote before,

one time,

Stay away from what other people say (my blog is no exception, wry smile),

You should take care of your own garden.


In that sense, Mexico

If you don't look at the tourist guidebooks that are just tokens,

freshness and

I think that there are many things that make you feel "Ah!".