Corona: April XNUMX / Don't say luxury

Current Coronavirus Status: As of April XNUMX

The upper curve is the number of infected people

The bar graph below is the number of deaths

Infected: XNUMX (+XNUMX compared to the previous day)

Suspected infection: XNUMX (+XNUMX from the previous day)

Deaths: XNUMX (+XNUMX compared to the previous day)

The actual number of infected people is estimated to be about 2 times this figure.

Therefore, it is highly likely that more than XNUMX people are actually infected.


In Japan, each household costs XNUMX yen.

No, it is limited to the decrease in income of the householder,

Then, if you are not the head of the household, you will be in trouble.

Then reconsider

Then it won't make it


The discussion is hot. . .

For people in Mexico,

I think it's a "luxury discussion".


in Mexico,

lack of medical personnel and basic medical supplies needed for response and treatment;

Or they don't reach every corner of Mexico.


The state of Chiapas borders with neighboring Guatemala.

Opposing the entry into force of NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement of XNUMX,

Depending on the region,

EZLN (Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional)

It is also an active area,

We are at odds with the Mexican government.


About XNUMX kilometers west of Tuxtla Gutierrez, the capital of Chiapas,

There is a town called Ocosingo about XNUMX hours by car.

further southeast of

Areas including Bonampak and Yaxchilan

Municipality of Ocosingo.


This area is Maya

The Tzeltal tribe and

There are many Tzotzil inhabitants,

In the municipality, there are mihe (Mixe)

There is also a community of the Zoque tribe.


The people of the Olmec culture, who first arose in Mesoamerica,

It is believed that they spoke a language called Zoque.

Mihe language is

It is also spoken in Oaxaca and southern Veracruz,

Even within the Mayan culture,

Some cultures, like soque, do not have roots in the Maya.


In this Okosingo municipality,

There are about XNUMX soké communities (small villages) in total.

Even at its largest, it has a population of less than XNUMX people.

There is one clinic in each of the XNUMX villages.

It seems that there are only three doctors.

of course,

We do not have enough medical supplies to respond to COVIDXNUMX (coronavirus) this time.


From a XNUMX-year-old man who went to work outside the state on the XNUMXth of this month and returned,

I got a positive response.

I was so disappointed with this that I committed suicide.

Fear of infection due to lack of sufficient personnel and materialsFrom

No bodies were recovered,

In the end, it seems that there was also an instruction to collect it to the family.


In Germany,

About XNUMX days after the application, XNUMX euros of support money was transferred,

In Italy, employers who retain employment must:

Regardless of the size or nature of your business,

XNUMX% of wages up to about XNUMX yen,

The government seems to take over,


Depending on the country/region,


With no real supplies or support,

Some are in dire straits


about it.


So in this situation

Let's stop lashing out at supermarket clerks heartlessly.


I think the current situation is difficult everywhere.

To me who says so proudly,

I can't do anything, but...

We cannot forget that there are people living in worse environments than us.

If you think so,

a little more

Under these circumstances,


calm down,

Can you live?