Corona: As of May XNUMX / Special demand from major retail chains

Current Coronavirus Status: As of May XNUMX

The upper curve is the total number of infected people

The bar graph below is the number of new infections

Infected people: XNUMX (+XNUMX compared to the previous day)

Suspected infection: XNUMX (previous day +XNUMX)

Death toll: XNUMX (+XNUMX compared to the previous day)


There are 5 major retail chains in Mexico,

There are three convenience store chains.

Small ones are not included.


In the first quarter of XNUMX,

XNUMX% increase in sales amount for the entire industry,

The volume increased by XNUMX%.

The impact of corona began to appear,

Bar and restaurant operations began to be affected in late March.

Some chains, such as Wal-Mart, which has the top market share in the industry,

Although e-commerce was already in place,

It seems that the others have also been developed at a rapid pace and have been adjusted to a practical level.


Hot-selling products include milk, beer, soft drinks, cereals, detergents, toilet paper, and masks.

Non-selling items include clothes, shoes, and seasonal items.

In fact, as of last weekend, all the beer had disappeared from the shelves of large supermarkets.

Some shops are barely selling it,

Prices are going up.



Los autoservicios, ganadores con la contingencia