Corona: As of May XNUMX / Mexico is still in a difficult situation, XNUMX million new people in poverty by the end of the year

Current Coronavirus Status: As of May XNUMX

The upper curve is the total number of infected people

The bar graph below is the number of new infections

Infected: XNUMX

Suspected infection: XNUMX



The situation in Mexico is getting worse.

The death toll today (within XNUMX hours) has reached XNUMX.

Mexico City's hospital capacity is 80%,

XNUMX people are receiving treatment,

XNUMX of them are in intensive care.


In Mexico City, the capital of

Of the total XNUMX infected people,

XNUMX recovered,

XNUMX people have died.


GDP is expected to drop 7% this year.

This means

Twelve million more people are expected to fall below the poverty line.

Then XNUMX% of all citizens will be poor.

This means

XNUMX people each day,

XNUMX people every hour

It is a calculation that they are becoming poor.


If GDP fell by 12%,

XNUMX million poor,

The number of extreme poor is expected to rise to XNUMX million.



Al final del año, 12 millones de mexicanos serán pobres: BBVA

Al 80% de su capacidad, hospitals Covid en CDMX