Corona: As of April XNUMXth / A luxury disease after all

Current Coronavirus Status: As of April XNUMX

The upper curve is the number of infected people

The bar graph below is the number of deaths

Infected: XNUMX (+XNUMX compared to the previous day)

Suspected infection: XNUMX (within the past XNUMX days/+XNUMX)

Death toll: XNUMX (+XNUMX from the previous day)

The actual number of infected people is estimated to be about 2 times this figure.

Therefore, it is likely that more than XNUMX people are actually infected.


in Mexico,

The number of infected people is expected to peak this week.

Of the 19 beds for COVIDXNUMX nationwide,

Approximately XNUMX%, or XNUMX, are currently in use.

In preparation for the peak of this week's infection,

We have XNUMX temporary beds in the event hall called Centro Banamex.


At PEMEX, a state-owned company,

For XNUMX people with mainly titles,

We have decided to cut salaries by XNUMX% for the rest of the year.


During that time,

As a problem that does not appear in the table,

There are lives of people living in remote areas where medical facilities are scarce.

As I wrote in my blog the other day,

The outbreak in the village of Soque in Chiapas was spectacular.


northwest of Mexico City,

The area, including Veracruz, San Luis, Hidalgo and northern Puebla,

Nawa, Otomi (Nyanyu) and Wasteka (Tennec) cultures are rooted in this region.

It is only a few hours away from cities with medical facilities.


on the border of Veracruz and Hidalgo.

For example, in the Huayacocotla district,

XNUMX onwards,

There is no construction of new medical facilities,

There seems to be no support from the authorities.

This corona disaster,

They voluntarily shut down the village completelyWas.

to themThere is no way to protect ourselves by ourselvesIt is

Because it is a remote place,

Originally, the source of income is scarce and it is not possible to live a luxurious life.

The closure of the village on it

Of course, there is also the economic burden.

as a result,

In Mexico, where the infection spreads day by day,

still in this areazero infected.


In Japan, the case of a pachinko parlor that continues to operate has become a hot topic.

after all,

We are just content with the blessed environment we are inIsn't it?


The fact that you are wearing a mask

I think there is some risk of infection.

The fact that I still go

Even if you get infected, there's a hospital nearby, so it's okay.

What do you think?

Among the experts

“As long as it is a request and not prohibited,

There is no problem in continuing the business," he said.

Some people are making honest comments like honor students,

Well, it's not about whether it's legal or not here... (bitter smile)

How to prevent the spread of infection to uninfected peopleis not it.

There will inevitably be some financial burden.

The shop is closed by

The same goes for restaurants.

Pachinko is an “entertainment” that does not need to be present.

I also want to run outside.

I dare not.

Communication with friends is also online only.

We are not the only ones holding back.


hold back from going out for a little while,

Minimize the risk of infection to yourself,

If the risk of further infection is reduced,

I will gladly STAY HOME.

I told you not to go out

It's only a month or two, isn't it?

I usually just sleep at home most of the time,

My wife and I are not at home much,

two months,

I'm pretty busy at home.


I envy people who have enough time to play pachinko

There are so many things to do even at home.


Financial security when you are closed! ?

If you pay nearly XNUMX% consumption tax like in Europe...

It is logical that XNUMX% cannot provide the same level of compensation as in Europe.

"Have the insurance premium in half. But if something happens, please help me as well as other companies."

It's the same as saying

I don't think there is such a good story.

Isn't it enough just to get XNUMX?

Mexico has a consumption tax of XNUMX%,

There are no benefits that do not need to be repaid.

If "unnecessary",

Receive it quietly and donate or return it to the community,

As the second and third benefits without receiving

Supporting people in need from the country.

But in the latter case,

Considering the slow speed of decision making and execution by the Japanese government,

Its immediate effect and effectiveness are questionable, but


There is no need to swear and swear,

Always in a piggyback ride,

I think that what you can inevitably get is limited.



Se han ocupado 22% de camas disponibles para pacientes con Covid-19, reporta Salud