Corona: As of April XNUMX / Index not found in Japan: Vulnerability

Current Coronavirus Status: As of April XNUMX

The upper curve is the number of infected people

The bar graph below is the number of deaths

Infected: XNUMX (beforeHibi +XNUMX)

Suspected infection: XNUMX (within the past XNUMX days/+XNUMX)

Death toll: XNUMX (+XNUMX from the previous day)

The actual number of infected people is estimated to be about 2 times this figure.

Therefore, it is likely that more than XNUMX people are actually infected.



In English it is called Vulnerability,

"Weakness" or "Vulnerability"is what it means.

Is it called socially vulnerable in Japan?


When grasping the situation of Corona in Mexico,

This metric is very important.

Divided into four stages,

XNUMX. Crisis

XNUMX. very expensive

XNUMX. Expensive


That's what it means.


Mexico has a population of XNUMX (official data from the XNUMX census),

Of these, XNUMX million, or about XNUMX%,

"Crisis situation"I live below

As you can see from the map above,

What is shown in red is

This area is inhabited by many people who are commonly referred to as “indigenous people”.

(I don't normally use the word "indigenous" because I'm against the term "indigenous.")

including Chiapas,


Guerrero State, where Acapulco is located,

Northern Veracruz in the Huasteca region,

Northern Puebla in the Nawa and Totonaca regions,

To the north is the Tepewano or Odan area at the southern tip of Durango,

West of Chihuahua is the Tarahumara or Raramuri region,

and Yucatan Mayan culture.

These regions have

Lack of well-equipped medical facilities

I don't have the financial means to prepare them,

Limited means of obtaining information

Furthermore, the percentage of elderly people aged XNUMX and over is extremely high.

So far, only very limited areas have been confirmed to be infected.

Insufficient response from authorities

Actually, it is up to the residents.

The areas that are not currently affected are

The future infection risk is a threat.


XNUMX% of the population is

Even if the situation is not critical,

Highly vulnerable environmentI live in

There are not enough medical facilities in these areas,

Information sources are also limited.

XNUMX% of the population live in metropolitan areas with good medical services,

The area is relatively close to it.


Unlike economically "advanced countries" such as Japan,

In Mexico, where physical disparities such as economic disparities and distance from various services are large,

It's hard to make a ′′ flat ′′ benefit or nationwide ′′ flat ′′ guidelines.

In addition to that, there are currently more than XNUMX languages ​​that are commonly used,

It also adds barriers to information transfer.


With this corona shock,

It also highlights the situation where dealing with difficulties is not straightforward.