Corona: As of June XNUMX / New car market in May

Current Coronavirus Status: As of June XNUMXnd

The upper curve is the total number of infected people

The bar graph below is the number of new infections

Cumulative number of infected people: XNUMX (+XNUMX from May XNUMX)

Current infected people: XNUMX (+XNUMX from May XNUMX)

Death toll: XNUMX (+XNUMX from May XNUMX)


New car sales in May

XNUMX% recovery compared to the previous month.

April was the lowest new car sales in history with XNUMX units,

It recovered to XNUMX units in May.

Still, -XNUMX% compared to the same month last year,

The serious situation remains the same.

Even so, although we initially expected a -XNUMX% decline,

Successful online sales

It is a form of rewarding one arrow.


New car market in Mexico

Nissan has a difference of nearly XNUMX units a month to GM, which is second place,

Top seller with XNUMX units sold.

GM is second with XNUMX units,

VW is in XNUMXrd place with XNUMX units.