Corona: As of May XNUMX / Mexican airline Aeromexico

Current Coronavirus Status: As of May XNUMX

The upper curve is the number of infected people

The bar graph below is the number of deaths

Infected: XNUMX(PreviousHibi +XNUMX)

Suspected infection: XNUMX (within the last XNUMX days/+XNUMX)

Death toll: XNUMX (+XNUMX from the previous day)


Aeromexico, the Mexican airline company.

When I asked a Mexican flight attendant I know,

Salary cuts for pilots

CA (cabin crew)

Divided into three groups,

Each group seems to survive by taking a month of unpaid leave.


That Aeromexico

The number of passengers in April was 4, XNUMX% of the same month last year.

-XNUMX% in income

This includes transportation of medical personnel and medical supplies, etc.

This is because special demand made up for it.


The operating rate of our fleet of passenger aircraft is

XNUMX% overall.

The breakdown is

XNUMX% for domestic flights,

International flights account for XNUMX%.

In total from January to April,

Passengers decreased by XNUMX% compared to the same month of the previous year.



Aeroméxico reduce en 91% su tráfico en abril, el peor mes en su historia