corona divorce

Corona divorce.


I read an article yesterday

corona divorceIt is said that things are increasing.


With this corona wreck, the opportunity to go out has decreased,

In a small space where the couple is at home almost all the time

I can't stand sharing space anymore

It is a case of divorce or separation.


And then there is the corona flirtation. (smile)

Being found in a supermarket with a strange woman or man. (LOL)


(Why do you do it in such close proximity?)


whatever the circumstances,

Apparently it's because I can't go outside.

Should I just say that it's the cause?


I'm in the same situation.

From March XNUMXth,

My wife's company became telework,

XNUMX weeks early.

I write papers and blogs,

Repairing suddenly crazy sites,

something to investigate,

After doing that, I realized that I hadn't taken a single day off in five weeks.

And all the way from morning till midnight.

It's all the time except rice, toilet, coffee, and sleep.

It's the first time I've "worked" without resting so much. (smile)

And unpaid. (Shin)

☝☝☝Working from home on weekdays


My wife has a job on weekdays, so

Sitting face to face across the long table for the whole day,

with rice,

I sleep with you.

Although married

With one person like this

Being together in this small space means

I've never experienced it before. (bitter smile)



Since we are both serious at work,

no conversation,

Just do what you have to do quietly.


It's a bit painful not being able to go jogging outside,

I've never been able to do what I want,

Now that I have more time to read and study,

That's itTrade off.


After all,

This time,

Whether you write a blog or write

He played the whistle but did not dance.

Like before the virus, the reaction came immediately,



"I would like to go to that place that was mentioned in the previous blog."

"It's a long way from here, but can we go?"



"Yes! I accept!"

“This also seems possible, but what do you think?”



“Eh, is there such a place?!”

“Eh, can you go that far!?”



If you don't feel excited for a while,

When I notice it, I feel quite dullBecame chilled out. (smile)


But somehow,

Almost every weekend these days

We have virtual mornings and drinking parties,

I think it's the one who doesn't have a lot of stress unexpectedly.

(As far as I am aware, but...)


For that reason,

I never quarreled with my wife,

We are doing surprisingly harmoniously. (happy!)


When you mumble your dissatisfaction many times,

Your opponent will be frustrated.

In such a case,

as a proposal,

"Why don't you try it like this?"

and in the form of a proposal,

I think the other party will also have ears to hear.

Because I am (bitter smile)


How are you human?

You may have a little self-respect.

Whether it's a spouse, a friend, a boss or a colleague,

Relationships are like running a marathon.



"I don't need to force myself to be with you"

It seems that there are people who say. . . (bitter smile)


I can't do it and I don't hang a "spurt",

I don't want to simply "abstain" if something happens.


in a short life

Knuckleedge of somethingmet at

Isn't it a relationship that we spent more than a little time together?


don't rush

I can't do it and I don't even spurt,

It seems short, but there is an uphill to the goal,

I had plenty of time to look over the scenery around me, (laughs).

You want to spend a generous time!