I already saw [Bread of the Dead]! / What is Obon in Mexico [Day of the Dead]?

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with the motto

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a licensed tour guide and driver in Mexico.


Mexican Obon Day of the Dead

☝☝☝It is the grave of the day of the dead. (Photo by Iwasaki)


It was the Obon holiday of Corona and the heat wave,

How did you all spend your time?


Just the other day,

When you go shopping at the supermarket,

"Bread of the Dead"

Because everything was sold,

to write thisDeterminationdid (smile)


Why do you have to make a decision?

その"Bread of the Dead"Because there are still two and a half months until the (bitter smile)


On a day like Obon in Japan,

"Day of the Dead"It is called.

(Dia de Muertos)

In generalTwo days, November XNUMXst and XNUMXnd.


What is "bread of the dead"?

This is it☟☟☟ (Taken by Iwasaki)


on the dome-shaped bread,

There is unevenness, isn't it?

This represents the bones of the dead.

Hence the "bread of the dead",

in Spanish,

"Pan de Muertos"

(Pan de mutos)

It is called.


When this comes out

"Ah, is it already that time?"

I think.


Isn't November just before winter?


But it's still summer.

Moreover, it is extremely hot in Japan.

I don't have a piece of winter attire like that at all. (smile)


"Day of the Dead"

I wrote that it is a custom similar to Obon in Japan,

If you don't pay attention

just a minutecomplexityWhat is it?


in recent years,

Is there support from the Mexican government?

Was it influenced by the movie XNUMX Spectre?

Is there also ignorance of the tourist company?

rather than a traditional practice

It's like a 'festival'.


masquerade parade.


It's completely capitalist marketing! (smile)

Not a traditional Mexican custom! (LOL)

It's entertainment! (lol lol)

(Of course, if you want to see the costume parade, even if it costs a lot of money, go ahead~)


Even if it's not a costume parade,

in many places,

"Day of the Dead Tour!"

I often see them advertised in a big way.

What to do is

It looks like it will take me to the grave.


This intangible custom of "Day of the Dead"

Just like the food and mariachi of Michoacán, Mexico,

It is designated as a UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage.


A word of caution here.


The customs of "Day of the Dead" that we see in modern times are

Mesoamerican customs and

a mixture of European Catholic customsWhat is it?


From XNUMX years ago, XNUMX years ago,

as in modern times,

Not to mention disguise

No altars, no bread of the dead, no skeletons,

they are from europeImported goodsSuch you.


So what is the custom of the Mesoamerican era?

Ritual held at the end of the corn season.


It overlaps with the reason why there are many festivals in autumn in Japan.

In Japan, it's rice.


It was an agricultural custom.


As I wrote in the Mexican popular dish pozole,

In the spring when corn is planted,

As a prayer for a good harvest,



A ceremony was being held.

On the "sun stone"

A gladiator-style sacrificial ceremony was taking place.


So there is also a tightening.


Messika (Azteca), Maya, Prepecha, Myzteca, Tlascalteca, Totonaka, etc. from various parts of Mesoamerica.

In each culture,

Although the shape is different,

They had their own closing ceremonies.


Mesoamerican worldview"Death gives birth to new life".

the end of the corn farming season and

I superimposed human deaths.

To create a new life,

While the "dead" overcome obstacles,

In the Underworld (Miktran)

You must make an offering to the god of the dead.


This is similar to the forty-nine days of Buddhism.


that's why,

People at that time

At this time of year (late October to early November) they worshiped the dead.


This Mesoamerican custom

After XNUMX,

When the Spaniards came

arbitrarily fitted into the calendar of Catholic customsIt is


As for why November XNUMXst and XNUMXnd,

Actually this

Originating in France around the XNUMXth century,

Rooted in rituals worshiping MaccabeeHm.


The Maccabies are a group of Jews.

Jew! ? 

Christ, the founder of Christianity,

I was Jewish.(bitter smile)


started in this franceMaccabee's Worship Ritual

was held on November XNUMXnd.That's right.

November 11st was a day to honor other unknown saints.


A child died a day,

On the XNUMXnd, the adult deceased "temporarily returned" to this world,

spend a brief moment with the familyThat is,

It is the justification for this Mexican Day of the Dead.

☝☝☝The Day of the Dead scene in a village in Michoacán.
Spend a moment with the deceased at a local grave with the whole family. (Photo by Iwasaki)


Next time, I will write about the difference from Halloween~


First of all, do you know anything about Halloween?

I think most people are making a fuss without knowing it,

At least it's better to know what you're celebrating. (smile)



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