If the economy suffocates due to corona and the number of unemployed people increases, will it be the end of the world?

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

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I am writing from Mexico today.


economy and suicide rate.


When the economy is in this state,

I can say that it will definitely appear"suicide"




It's a keyword that makes you feel heavy just by looking at it.


It is no exaggeration to say that these words reflect the reality of Japanese society.


In Japanese public opinion,

There are many discussions about whether self-restraint should or should not be done.

It doesn't boil down after a long time.

In today's news,

It seems that the closure request has been lifted in XNUMX prefectures.


I think I'm probably going to go on like this.

The Japanese government is in the middle of nowhere,

It is a composition that the people will continue to get angry. (bitter smile)

And then a case of secondary infection came out,

Sluggishly protracted,

The economy, which is the most important factor, is also in an unsatisfactory state.


If I were in Mr. Abe's position, I would do this.


my position is

"Continued request to refrain from going out",

"Offices and stores for non-urgent businesses are ordered to close."

Compensation is

"Do as much as possible"

"Sorry if I can't"

Responsibility for damage caused by a suspension order is

"It's the same as a natural disaster, so I can't take personal responsibility."

"Salary cuts not only for the prime minister, but also for bureaucrats and civil servants."

The objection that inevitably arises is that

"What about the economy?"

"There will be unemployed people, and more people will commit suicide."

"Not taking responsibility is irresponsible"

As prime minister, I

"It can't be helped because it's unprecedented."

"I don't have time, so it's going to be uniform,

For the time being, I will pay this amount.”

"After that, I will think about the countermeasures while running."

I think


I think there are pros and cons, but (bitter smile)

I don't think viruses should be taken lightly.

No matter how much Japan has less infected people.


Even the government, if

If you have plenty of money,

I think that compensation is done without hesitation.

For some reason you can't.

Considering the reason,


The power and time to keep getting angry every day,

I don't have it now, so I won't do it.

more than that now

"How can I survive?"

I think.


That's what I think.

"Actually, the economy deteriorated and bankruptcies increased,

If unemployment increases significantly,

What will happen?”



Of course it's hard.


And I think even more.

“If my store were to go bankrupt,

What will happen if I get fired and only a huge amount of debt remains?




Some of you reading this

"You're not in that situation, so you don't know!"

I think there are some people who say.


But, isn't it?

As a self-employed person, I

Second month without income,

I have a car loan,

paying rent and

I have to eat rice too.

utility bills,

internet fee,

medical insurance payments,

monthly deductions to government bonds,


There is a surprising amount of money that goes out.


But even an inch

"I want to die"


“What if this fledgling business fails?”


"There is no future anymore, let's die"


It's never even crossed my mind.


The only thing I'm thinking of is

"Corona will end someday and we will manage"

"Until then, what we can do is cut down on living expenses,

Do what you can (input and output)



Nothing less, nothing more.


If the little savings you have now run out,

Even if Corona drags on until next year,

"Let's surpass by selling things at home"

I also think.

If that doesn't work,

"During the daytime, they sell sushi rolls in the neighborhood,

For rice, let's get a tortilla from a friend."

I think. (bitter smile)



"No way"

is not it.


“How are you going to pay for child support?”

It thinks way then.

Just do what you can.


online the other day

I was talking about this with my friends in Mexico.


I asked them.

"Frankly, how do you feel about this situation?"


“What do you think about the economic downturn?”

"All the shops are closed, but what will you do if they go bankrupt?"

"Zero subsidies, even if I get out, I think the loan of XNUMX yen is not enough,

Can we make it through? "

"What would you think if you were truly penniless?"


I was frankly talking about this kind of thing.


The reply is

"The economy can't be helped, it's a virus."

"It's hard to lose a store or get fired, but it can't be helped. If that happens, I'll start over."

"If I run out of money, I wonder if Maru-chan and Tortilla will survive."

"Suicide? Only mentally ill people do that."

“I mean, was there ever a good time in Mexico? (laughs)”

That's how it was.


I was strangely convinced.

"that's right"

When. (smile)



For better or worse,

Although there are various

Mexican society has something going on.


As I wrote in my previous blog,

I can't help people who are in trouble in this situation,

Japanese society todayWhat is it?

If the economy is adversely affected,

It is natural that unemployed people appear and increase,

It is clear that

this much"it's no use"It is

When that happens

"we can work it out"

It should be a society that can give hopeで す.


That point,

Of course in Mexico

It is a fact that there are people who prioritize the economy,

As I wrote in my previous blog.

(famous TV station anchor)

In the end, he was reprimanded by the president,

I got a total squash from the people.


Most Mexicans are

"Do you want to continue to operate despite the risk of infection!"

continue to operate at riskCondemning Inhuman PostureTo do.

Of course, among

"Corona doesn't exist!"

Some people say it's out of the question. (bitter smile)

Even in this respect

For better or worse

Mexicans in generalHumanWhat is it?


You only have one life given to you by God.

always with hope,

Like Tokuji Hayakawa, the founder of Sharp,

"What a struggle"

If you do it, a piece may come out of the gourd. (smile)