The Mystery of the "Black Jaguar" Ek Balan.

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Ek Balan

Write Ek' Balam.


in Mayan

"black jaguar"

Depending on the translation,

"Venus Jaguar"

is what it means.

Ek is black or Venus,

Balam is a Jaguar.


Mayan ruins.

Not as well known as Teotihuacan or Chichen Itza?

Maybe, (bitter smile)

Because it is a characteristic ruins among the Maya culture,

I would like to introduce a little bit.


Northeast of Chichen Itza,

It is located at a straight line distance of XNUMX km.

You can go there in about an hour.

It's here☟☟☟

Until the last Mayapan,

I'm getting older, but

I'm going back for a bit with this Ek Balan. (smile)


People began to live in this land or area because

Dating from XNUMX BC onwards,

XNUMX to XNUMX, the heydayis thought to have welcomed


It's exactly the same age as Uxmal (Uxmal).


The famous Chichen Itza has been settled since about XNUMX years ago,

It reached its peak after XNUMX.

Geographically close to Chichen Itza,

In the era before Chichen Itza came to power,

There was interaction with the people of this Ek BalanThings,

excavated earthenware,


I know it from stone monuments.


On the other hand,

The full-scale survey of buildings by the science of archaeology began

relatively recently,

It's been since XNUMX.


Until then, I had investigated the positional relationship of the buildings inside the ruins,

Little was known about the real image.


Why is this Ek Balan interesting?

First of all,

その"artistic" building.


So far,

I heard that there are XNUMX regions in the Maya cultural sphere.

For example,

Calakmul is Tepen,

Etuna is Campeche,

Tabasqueño is Cheneth,

Uxmal (Uxmal) is a puk

And so on.

(☝ It's okay if you don't remember lol)


If you say what you want to say,

Even within the same Maya cultural sphere,

By each region

architectural style changes,

That's it.



In this Ek Balan,

The Peten area, which is XNUMX kilometers away to the southwest,

Puk area, where Uxmal is located,

In addition to the architectural elements of Tabasqueño Chenes,

You can also see the characteristics of the Caribbean side where Cancun is located,



not found anywhere else,

You can also see elements unique to Ek Balan.


In other cities,

There are many cases where the characteristics of the buildings in the city are similar,

The characteristics of the above regions are

Each building in Ek Balan,

Each region has its own characteristics.


This is the first point.


The second interesting point is that

As I wrote at the beginning,

Relationship with early Chichen Itza.


Artifacts and monuments,

how to use the plaster for the base of the mural,

From an archaeological point of view,

The connection between Ek Balan and Chichen Itza has been proven.



According to the theory,

“Artists” such as murals,

or some people

It is also felt that they moved to Chichen Itza.


On the other hand,

The scientific evidence associated with Chichen Itza

Not found in Ek BalanI don't know.

In other words,

From this,

From Ek Balan

Techniques such as art have been inherited in Chichen Itza,

can be considered.

The culture of Ek Balan

Chichen Itza was also affected.


Another thing you should know is

The most important section of Ek Balan,

There is an area called the Acropolis.

XNUMX meters long here,

There is a huge religious building with a width of XNUMXm and a height of XNUMXm.

I'll leave it up to you to decide whether to call this a "pyramid" (laughs).

in mesoamericaone of the largest buildingsIt is.

☟☟☟ Religious buildings of the Acropolis


architectural elements from far away regions,

relationship with early Chichen Itza,

One of the largest structures in Mesoamerica,

Not enough research yet

Ek Balan, a city full of mysteries.


everyone is,

How do you imagine what it was like back then? (smile)



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