What do you mean by "I don't feel like I joined the company even though I joined the company"?

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

“Showing the true face of Mexico to the world!'

with the motto

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a professional Mexican travel guide and driver.

I am writing from Mexico today.


Due to Corona

Many annual events have been cancelled.


one of themEntrance ceremonyis not it.


I have never attended an entrance ceremony,

I don't quite get what it is.


I read in an article a few weeks ago that

New employees who couldn't attend such an "important" joining ceremony,

I can't meet my colleagues

"I don't feel like joining the company"

It seems that there are many people who think so.

I'm lonely, so I'm actively holding an online drinking party. (bitter smile)




"What do you mean you don't feel like joining the company even though you joined the company?"

"Isn't it enough to work and get paid?"

I think.


After reading the article, it doesn't seem that simple. (bitter smile)


Mexico says

First of all, there is no year.

All years start on January XNUMXst.

Accounting closes in December.

School is in September.



Joining the company all at onceThere is no concept of

So everyone can start job hunting when they want,

Join the company when you like

quit when you want

and joined the company again,

is a repetition of


so in the first place

"entrance ceremony"

There is no such word. (smile)


When I was talking about that with a Mexican friend the other day,

"For what?"

I was asked.


I have not experienced the entrance ceremony,

I'm a person who thinks there's no point in doing it,

I don't know if I got the right answer, but

In a word, I said something like "separation".

With the ceremony of joining the company as a turning point,

"From today onwards, I am a member of society"


"From today, I am a company employee"

I mean,

"Who am I?"

To realize that

I explained.


"Am I wrong?" (laughs)





I was looking like I didn't understand something. (bitter smile)


And this is what makes me feel different from Mexico.

in a casual setting

When you meet someone new and introduce yourself,

"What do you do for work?"

Don't you ask?

as the easiest topic.


I don't think everyone

For Japanese people,

"I work for a trading company"


if it's a big company

"I work for..."

I have a lot to say.

At least

"I'm selling..."


"I'm the manager of the department"


"I'm an engineer from"

Isn't there a lot of things like that?

(I apologize if I'm wrong)


When I was a salaryman, I always

"I import ~ and sell it in Mexico."

It said.

In other words, it is the business of a certain trading company.


The difference I see here is

In Japanese culture,

"I exist by belonging to some organization"

Is that the feeling?


On the other hand,

in Mexican culture

Of course, working for a well-known big company does not mean that there is no such thing as a kind of sense of superiority.

"Who are you?"

That's what I mean.





"Taco shop waiter!"



If I were you now,

“I am a government-certified tourist guide and driver who conveys the true face of Mexico to the world and provides customers with a new experience!”

Is called.


Here, neither Japan nor Mexico is good or bad,

I would say that there is a fundamental difference.


I wrote a little yesterday.



In the case of Japan, let's say

individual identityGuaranteed by affiliated organizationI think you are.

By belonging to the organization

"I am recognized"

such as

a kind of"relief"I think you can get

Of course, I'm sure there are many people who don't.


So when it comes to remote work,

If you don't have an organization to belong to,

At the beginning"I don't feel like joining the company"

Isn't it going to be a feeling.


I left the "organization" that I belonged to for more than XNUMX years,

Now we are completely selling "individuals".

But I don't feel "lonely" at all. (smile)


because I

"Iwasaki Isao"


“Government-certified tourist guide and driver who conveys the true face of Mexico to the world and provides customers with new experiences”

That's why.


None other.


After reading such Japanese news, I realized that

I tried to make it a topic for this time~

What do you guys think? (smile)