Is there an appropriate age to start a business?

This is the era when people started talking about entrepreneurship and ventures (startups) in Japan.

It seems that young people (although I myself am a young person at heart) are enthusiastic and eager to start a new business.

It's great to have goals and things you want to do since you were youngI think.I envy you.

I didn't have anything like that, so

The fact that I spent my youthful days in agony,

As I wrote in the previous article.


SoWhy are you starting a business?

Are you not satisfied with being an employee?



By the way, I am also a self-proclaimed “entrepreneur”. (smile)

However, it is not at all the feeling that is said in Japan.

It's like surrendering yourself to the flow of the river,


But be careful not to be swallowed by the muddy current,

It's a feeling.


Even when I quit the company I worked for about 11 years,

I didn't even feel like jumping off the Kiyomizu stage,

Although a bit of anxiety crossed my mind,

I got the gist of it from my side job,

I knew what I had to do and

The excitement was much bigger,

don't think too much,

I also wrote a letter of resignation to my wife, saying, "I'm thinking of going with this, but is it okay?"

I submitted it to my boss the next day.

To my surprise, I thought, “Is it really that easy?”

I even felt like my other self was questioning me.


I thought, "I wonder if I'll have to reconsider after submitting my resignation letter,"

Feelings of remorse after quitting or thinking things like "I was happy when I was a company employee"not even a moment.

Seriously. (smile)

We still need to step up to achieve satisfactory financial results, but

But it's fun to make new discoveries every day.

Without wasted commuting time,

No pointless meetings.

Missing items that can't be sold even if you want to sell them (I can't make numbers even though it's not my error, and it affects the appraisal. This is the worst, isn't it?),

all the time is for meSuch you.


That's what I think.

Is there really an age that is advantageous for starting a business?When.


The important thing is to find out "what is needed (inconvenient) in the world" and "present a solution".

I see. I see.It's not easy for clumsy people. . . (tears)

People who are good at the point seem to be able to sense a wide variety of demands even for a moment,

I only have my head

I don't ask for nothing.

Then "Find one thing you can do for the time being, and then think about it while runningI decided.

The important thing is to take the first step.

From there, things that were not visible came into view one after another,

Then modify it and add what you need.


By the way, I thought "I want to do something by myself",

10 years until the completion of trial and errorIt also took (bitter smile)

That's how bad the rules are. (pain)

But those 10 years weren't wasted.

Rather, it was a time that I couldn't live without.


So when I think about it, I wonder, "What are the benefits of being young?"

Maybe they don't have a home or their parents don't care about them yet.

If you're fine, I'm still here. (smile)

I mean,I think they have more energy and stamina than young people in Japan today. (smile)


In that sense, I don't think it's too late for some people to gain some social experience,

If you work hard as an office workerThere will come a moment when you think, "Here it is!".

The important thing is to set up the antenna and prepare so that you can move there immediately,

And I need to do it as a side business.

That way you don't have to worry

I believe that I can start a business at any time.


A study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Northwestern University in the United States found that

Older entrepreneurs are actually more successful than younger onesThat's right.

Good because I'm young

The idea that it's no good because it's old,

I don't think it's stupid.

According to their research results,

The success rate under 25 years old is extremely rare, and it increases from the late 20s,

It seems that it will not fall even in the 50s!

The average age of American founders is 42.9,

The growth rate is particularly high for 45-year-old founders! .

So, if entrepreneurship is your hobby, that's fine.

Entrepreneurship = Cool

It's a little wasteful.The same goes for work, but

Play or travel the worldSeeing and feeling various things is necessary as a human being.

I'm living my once-in-a-lifetime lifeisn't it?


I think it's not too late to acquire such a feeling.

in my case too

If I started a business at the age of XNUMX or so without any knowledge of society or the world,

I think I regretted that.

From my agony school days,

I went outside without anything, so I finally reached Mexico,

It just so happened to suit me,

I live a life full of fun and thrills above all else.


Especially young people who are worried and thinking only about the future,

Once away from the information given by strangers,

as you feel,

It's better to move and see as you like.

After all, most of the information in the world is for sale, so...

Stop clinging to things that aren't real.


After all, you can only create your own reality.


Mexico is full of small entrepreneurs.

But I told them, "Make a business plan and think about a noble management philosophy..."

I have no idea.

Everyone is doing "to live every day".

Those who are in agony,

seeing that reality,

Even just talking to those people

I think there is something that will fall into your heart.