I don't need school! ?

Need for schooling.


I see this debate from time to time.


I may have written a few times on my blog,

I hated big school. (Past tense)


I still don't like it

Here in Mexico at a training school for guides,

"Learning is interesting!"


For the first time in my life, I discovered the joy of studying!

☝☝☝Great success in group presentation with alumni


As for why I hated school,

one,I didn't understand the fun of studying.


I feel like I'm always studying for a test,

However, even if I study, it does not mean that I got a good score on the test.

I was so insane. (bitter smile)

I always envied classmates who could study.

"Why does he not study so much,

Do you always get points?

The more I did it, the more I felt inferior.


Even now, it takes extra effort to understand things,

I didn't have much free time at the time.

You were always “worried” about the test.

I still remember

I was the only one who didn't understand in junior high school math class,


It's frustrating,


I remember crying with a runny nose. (smile)


The second is human relationships.

II'm not very good at killing myself and getting along with people. (bitter smile)

I don't have to kill myself, but

I can't do that because I'm bad at it!

(Probably people who know the basics don't understand this,,,)

Well, that's fine,

It became troublesome on the way.

Often in elementary school or junior high school,

There is one leader,

There are some people around him who don't look like children,

There are some more people around,

A group like this was formed.


I was lonely at the time, so

I tried to tune in and stay in that circle, but it didn't work.

I was so silly and depressed,

I stopped going to elementary school for half a day when I was about XNUMX years old.

Half a day means I didn't take a day off,

I thought it would pass.

Now that I think about it, it's kind of silly. (bitter smile)

I wish I could have rested and read books on history and geography.

I regret it even now. (bitter smile)


My story will continue for a while,


I like to work quietly by myself, so

So club training camps, work workshops,

Events with such a large number of people

It's pretty depressing. (bitter smile)


Looking back on it now,

I went to elementary school, middle school, high school, and university in Japan,

What I think is good is

It was about meeting my teacher in junior high school.

So I literally did it,

The weak mentality that was a crybaby,

I had him hit me again.

Maybe if I hadn't met that teacher,

I don't think I existed now,

It was an encounter with impact.


Apart from that,

just because i went to school

I don't remember that this was useful.

If you are in Japan and just want to study,

I have teaching materials,

I wondered if there would be an online class.


go to school in mexico

What did you notice about the goodness of the school?

Feel free to ask questions on the spotis not it.

No matter how good the communication environment is online,

I get jerky,

I thought it would be a little difficult,

From stupid topics to serious topics, (laughs)

It's noisy.

☝☝☝Training at an art museum with an old schoolmate


I don't remember at school in Japan,

People in Mexico bring up the topic with jokes and jokes,

It's fun to laugh with everyone.


After that, a lot of discussion started,

I often get off track.

That's interesting again! (smile)

Of course there are tests,

The past "test phobia" revived, but...

"Oh, I grew up in this kind of environment, so I can say and do whatever I want."

I was strangely convinced.

☝☝☝Training at the Museum of Anthropology with old schoolmates


So in conclusion,

Under the current Japanese school education,

"I don't need school",

If there's room to change even a little,

"A freer environment,

not bound by exams

There should be a mechanism to convey the fun of studying.”,

is not it.


without it,

The existence of the school itself is meaningless.

teachers are mechanicallecture to

Formally instructed by pressureI just do it.

Some of my high school teachers felt the same way.


One day, my teacher asked me,

If I speak the truth in front of everyone,

“You embarrassed me,” he said.

(My heart: Ha!?)

Then my hair was pulled,

Poked by a tennis racket,

In the end, he said, "I don't like your eyes."

(My heart: If you don't stop it soon, it'll sting?)

I was disappointed in this kind of teacher at that time. (Shin)


Thinking about it now,

I wish I could have said more. (smile)


We are in a global age, but

just by looking


That being said,

No nonsense.


Rather than teaching useless exam English in the field,

In partnership with overseas sister schools,

daily or weekly

If you make a habit of communicating directly in English or other languages,

It makes sense to do it.


That's how

I can't quite decide whether it's white or black,

Japanese school education

There is no doubt that it is at the point where it should be changed!