The idea of ​​"wonderful" instead of "perfect".

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

“Showing the true face of Mexico to the world!'

with the motto

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a licensed tour guide and driver in Mexico.



How are you spending this Obon?

It's hot, so

Please be careful of heat stroke!


Aim for "excellent" instead of "perfect".

Recommended to leave.



Maybe the heart study I'm doing now,

In my actual work life in Mexico so far,

I think it's one of the phrases that resonated with me the most.


"If you say so"


I was strangely frank and understood.


For example,


"Japanese people are slow at work"

It is labeled as

What does that mean?

to avoid failure

Push it through, push it through,

You seem to have a tendency to start things with perfect preparation.



to make a decision,

It takes an awful lot of time.

I think this is true for most people.

I feel that too.




Not corporate-based

For example,

In order not to worry about money in the future,

Complete with various insurance"armed"or

overly detailed“future design”try to


From a young age,

I got accepted to that high school,

Universities are aiming for

Get a job there

at what age

Marriage is like this

How old were you when you became the director?




It is also a way of life, so

I have no right to say anything about it.


So this time,

I was rubbed in Mexico (laughs)I would like to mutter my personal opinion a little.


(If you are not interested, please take another look tomorrow~ lol)


honestly speaking,

Such a meticulous plan

It could have shattered in an instant, right?


As I wrote the other day,

Impermanence in the world.


It's still good if the job disappears,

You could die of a heart attack the next minute.

No, no, it's not an exaggeration.


Even if it's not that serious

The promise of payment you made yesterday

"Something that doesn't exist."

It would be nice if you could answer the phone,

Not answering the phone is also common.


Even a promise with a friend

I won't come in time,

Yoshi if you show up on the day.

I don't even know that.


Such a fleeting life that doesn't know when it will end,

To those who do not know whether they will come or not,

そ ん な に“Full Armed”what are you going to do

It is a story.


With the Kokoro qualification that I am doing now,

I have a problem to actually have a session.

It's one on one.


This person who is my "customer" is going to study in France.

I'm very worried.

So what kind of action do you take?

"I will ask an acquaintance in France about the situation."

That's right.


So I

"What is the need to prepare so thoroughly?"

When asked,

"Because I'm worried"

and answer.

and ask further.

“What is the basis for believing that such thorough preparation will surely be useful?”


In the end he fell silent on the question.


What I mean is,





That's it.


So aim for that and take time to preparesplit too muchNo


That's what it means.


Of course you need to prepare.

"Worry" and "Fear"

"Get ready!"


that great manager

Masayoshi Son,

It seems that it is a series of prompt decisions every day,

Behind the scenes, it seems that they are thoroughly preparing for preparations.

and say

“I will go if there is a XNUMX% chance of winning.”


It's not ten percent.

In fact,

A lizard won't die even if you cut off XNUMX% of its tail.


The most important thing in our life is



the skills and knowledge you have

how to change shape

It's about adapting to the ever-changing external situation.


I also gave up on the guide business.

I know very little about Mexico.

I don't have much money,

Even my friends said, "You should stop now."

They said.


But when you start running,

I managed.

And I'm not working today

This is how I got to know everyone.


Of course,

Kokoro's business is also completely abandoned. (smile)



"perfect life"


"a wonderful life",

"A life that you can be completely satisfied with,"


"Picture perfect trip to Mexico"


"A wonderful trip to Mexico",

"My one and only trip to Mexico"

From the point of view of

After allI agreeI think.


Even if you fall.


That isrichness of the heartIt also leads to

I'm thinking


What do you guys think? (smile)



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