Is it the adverse effects of refraining from going out?

Is it the adverse effects of refraining from going out?


I've been having trouble waking up lately. (spicy)

I'm originally not good at morning,

At least I want to wake up feeling refreshed,

I've been trying to get XNUMX hours of sleep for the past few years.

No less, no more, XNUMX hours.


Why XNUMX hours?

It seems that my body clock is like that,

When I'm feeling well, I wake up on my own in about XNUMX hours.

So after realizing that, I use that as a guideline.


However, in the past month or two,

Writing the thesis I wrote the other day,

Outing restraint due to coronavirus

Far from avoiding the sun,

There are days when I don't even step out of the front door for several days.

I haven't been outside.



The fact that I lived a life where I didn't take a single step from such a specific place

Never before.


IkansenI'm not good at staying still in one place...

That's why I never work as an office worker. (bitter smile)


Even if I say so myself,

That's why I'm suitable for work like a guide.


In Spanish, this kind of "restless person" is


That's what I'm saying.


When I was single

when i wake up on saturday morning

"Do you want to go to the sea?"

I thought,

Driving about XNUMX kilometers that day,

I've also been to the coast of Tabasco.


I like driving

Enjoy your favorite salsa and mariachi on the way,

Open the window and take in as much delicious air as you can,

Sprint down the highway that seems to stretch forever,

Fill your mouth with chicken soup and quesadillas at a home-cooked restaurant on the way,

While sipping a cold beer under the blazing sun,

Spend time without worrying, thinking, or expecting anything.


I've had this kind of supreme luxury hundreds of times.

(That's why I don't have money, but... wry smile)


I was an inkling who used to do that kind of thing,

Do not step outside for several days,

Continuing the days without seeing the sun itself,

It's torture.

Maybe if I say something like this

"Isn't that too extreme?"

I think it is said that

In this Mexico, without worrying about corona,

While there are a lot of people who don't care,

You never know what's going to happen.


Rather than worrying about dying after getting sick,

"Sacrifice" for only a few months,

If you want to reduce risk even by XNUMX%,

That's what I think.

The degree varies from person to person.


I'm tired of looking at Twitter,

Things you should refrain from,

There are never-ending exchanges,

The degree varies from person to person.


Ultimately a trade-offso,

Sacrifice something to get something.

It means that there is no XNUMX%.


A lack of melatonin is what makes it difficult to wake up in the morningdo it,

Because your body clock is out of order.

I think I'll try sunbathing on the roof for about XNUMX minutes. (bitter smile)