I want you to come on a family trip to Mexico.I feel that way because I am a guide during childcare. (smile)

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Only XNUMX hours by direct flight from Narita, please leave it to us for summer vacation in XNUMX, overseas travel during the year-end and New Year holidays, and sightseeing in Mexico.

A Mexican guide and driver who has lived in Mexico for 7 years,

complex and vast Mexico[Beneficial], [Easy], and [Rich]IFully Private Japanese Tourso,

From Mexico's archaeological sites to gastronomy, local attractions and Mexico's majestic mountains,

We will guide you through the endless charm of Mexico!


During the childcare period,

Your posts are intermittent.

I'll be back to posting almost every day when I calm down.


How about a trip to Mexico just because you are "with children"?

A black dog looks out over the Oaxaca Valley

👆 This is a dog, not a child.


Before you know it, it's already June

No, it would be better to say July soon.

No, no

Half a year has already passed in 2022,

Does it have more impact? (smile)


How to strengthen the impact and explain without bending the facts,

This is one of the techniques required as a tourist guide.


especially when explaining something to a child

I think this technique will come in very handy.

Otherwise, children will get bored.


Sometimes I'm asked to be a guide for the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico.

Some of them even want to visit with their parents.

"Half day Teotihuacan, half day at the Museum of Anthropology!"

It often becomes

Simply half and half, 4 hours and 4 hours.

If you include a round trip to Teotihuacan and lunch,

That's about it.


Even our licensed guides

I have had training many times at this anthropology museum,

Adults who should know to some extent,

Even the guide who is studying the way,

If you listen to it and think about it, you will get tired after two hours.

After doing this for 5 hours, I'm exhausted.

Anything over 6 hours will give you a headache. (bitter smile)


Maybe just hanging around and killing time,

Listen and think,

The degree of fatigue will also change.



So for those with children,

I would like you to carefully consider this point.

"It's fun, but can you get tired of it?" (bitter smile)


The guide side who guides,

For example, starting with a complaint like eating one shot at the beginning,

It's a way to get a child's attention.

As explained to adults,

Children require more simplicity.



"Staple food" + "side dish" of each culture,

Feeling like eating.

(What kind of feeling is that, wry smile)

I feel like I'm eating a little early,

Eventually you will feel "just right" fullness.

I don't want to be greedy until I'm full. (bitter smile)

Stop at about eight sentences.

This will save you headaches. (bitter smile)


Especially for those with children

When the child gets bored and restless,

It's hard again.


I entered from "how to talk" like a chat,

Today's theme is "Mexico, where you want your family to come."

As a general image,

Shall we make it a parent and a child?

In that case, I think that it will be a family with a couple in their 30s or 40s,


It's hard, isn't it? (bitter smile)

Even though it's hard to stay at home,

Go out,

I can't even imagine traveling abroad.


We also took our children to Japan,

I think that's what people above the clouds do. (bitter smile)


men of the world,

I don't mean to turn against the father of the world,

Let me say that as a man like myself,

Assuming that most men do not have children,

The real difficulty of parenting

I think there are a lot of things men don't know. (smile)



I think most men are busy with work.

Childcare, this is

It's honestly hard.


I think there are some people who are raising children by themselves,


I bow my head as a man.


I spend almost 100% of my time raising my children.

I don't want to borrow my mother-in-law's hand,

my parents are in japan

In this situation, my wife and I are raising children 100% of the time.

What are you sick of? (sweat lol)


In our case, we are able to find “happiness” even in that hardship,

Overall, it is in a state of "something is going on",

I can't find "happiness",

Childcare in a state where "suffering" exceeds,

I think this is unimaginable.


So men of the world,

You will be busy with work

Please take good care of your wife, okay? (smile)


Because it is a male Mexico guide who is immersed in such childcare,

traveling abroad with children

For travel to mexico with kids

I think I understand that "difficulty" more than anyone else.

"It's hard to walk here, isn't it?"

"You need to eat and use the toilet at this interval,"

"It's hard for adults at this time",

Before I had children,

The image of parenting has changed significantly.

"To be attacked by sleepiness like this...". (bitter smile)


"Why don't you go on a trip to the point of having such a hard time?"

I think that there are people who think that

Life is finite. (smile)

On June 2022, 6,

I will never go back to anyone again.

my family,

This day, this hour, this moment spent with my child,

I will never come back again.


So what did you say...


"Now". (smile)


During a difficult overseas trip,

I'm sure you can only get it at that time,

Happy moments are always there.

Your child grows up,

"By the way, when you were four years old,

Did you see the huge pyramids in Mexico?


It's probably a trip you'll never forget.

I think it's time.

that mexico trip

“It was really hard for me to cry on the plane, hahaha~”


Wouldn't it be nice if we could talk about memories? (smile)


we think like that,

Dare to take a risk, (laughs)

I will go to Japan next year with my 0-year-old child.

This week,

Even in the countryside,

Rent a bungalow and enjoy nature. (easy!)



Divided by

father and mother of the world,

"Because the child is small..."

Without "excuse", (bitter smile)

In this moment that will never return

Would you like to take a trip to Mexico?


of course,

Sudden change of route,

Change of schedule is also a flat-rate system with no additional charges.

It's hard for children to knead for nothing!

It is safe if it is this.



4 parents + up to XNUMX children

No extra charge

The price per person is also cheaper. (Good!!)


For those who want a little challenge,

Please feel free to contact us~

See you ~


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