I don't blame my age. (sweat lol) / Who the hell is [myself] in [self-discovery]?

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

“Showing the true face of Mexico to the world!”

with the motto

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a professional Mexican travel guide and driver.

I am writing from Mexico today.

Some people say, "Oh, I'm already old..." (laughs)

Some people in their XNUMXs and XNUMXs say, "I want to go on a journey to find myself."



“Hmm, me!?”

I think there are some people who thought. (smile)


I was a little nervous too.

But, isn't it?

Think calmly for a moment.


How old is "age" in the first place?


(excuse me,

Since it is read by people of all ages,

It is difficult to write for a specific age group.

Please forgive me for that.)



I retired from school in my XNUMXs when I could move the most energetically,

Isn't a person who is "old" in both physical strength and thinking ability?

On the contrary, XNUMX, XNUMX or more, even XNUMX years old!full of curiosity,

Are people who actively take on challenges not “young”?


It's a very vague term.


I'm XNUMX now

some people,

It seems that people say that they are already old enough. (Sweat)

Do you mean middle-aged? ? (sweat sweat)

But even at age XNUMX,


You don't look age-appropriate,

Probably late XNUMX's

If you do it poorly, you will look younger,

Honestly, I'm in trouble.


to our customers,

“Kou-san, your skin is so beautiful!”

I've been told that many times. (smile)


I am such a "baby-faced middle-aged",

I feel really young at heart.

Rather, I am aware that I have become younger than when I was in my XNUMXs,

I feel "young".


In my case for self-analysis,

Especially in my early twenties,

without a goal

I can hardly work,

Dropped out of college,

without a job,

without money

Because I was really lost on the road,

More than anything,

“No goals & nothing to do”

That was the biggest pain.

(that kind ofluxury diseaseIt seems that


The other day, when I was cleaning my house,

The balance table of the bank at the time of XNUMX came out,

If you seeBalance XNUMX pesos (XNUMX yen)was. (shame)

It is important as a commandment.



My classmate is in his third year as a member of society.

He must have had a decent job and a stable income.

In XNUMX, I also

I started as a member of society in the form of a regular employee,

This was my pocketbook. (cold)

There are various things such as the financial situation of the company, and I will change jobs.


After changing jobs at XNUMX,

at lastMy vision started to clear.


When I was a student,

I never do or can't do only sales jobs,

I was so shy.


Really really.


But then you appeared in front of meJob is,

There was only business.

So I decided to do it.

Of course I was worried and

My heart was pounding.

In terms of image, it feels like holding your breath and jumping into the water.


It may sound exaggerated, but

Now I can laugh and talk.

soi was a weak manThat's right. (spicy)


After changing jobs, I'm already crazy,

turn your heart into a demon,

whip my weak self,

Become a dead man of money,

I would do anything for the sake of sales.

whatever is

For sales, sometimes the company,

I even stood up to my boss.


Another time

I missed an order,

depart in the evening,

To Aguascalientes, XNUMX km away,

That the goods were delivered by car on that day.

In order to collect the overpaid amount,

At around XNUMX:XNUMX when the shop closes at night, I stake out in front of the shop of a “former” customer in Acapulco,

After that, I followed him for about an hour to identify the owner's house,

For a major supermarket buyer who didn't make an appointment,

``I misunderstood that there was an appointment,'' he said.

I was forced to enter and listened to the story,

A blaze of anger at someone who doesn't keep their payment promises. (smile)


I'm the quiet one. (smile)



These business activities

Ten years from now, it will lead to new sales of XNUMX million yen (about XNUMX% of total sales).

I just noticed.


“I might be quite fond of sales.

What? (smile)


This was a big discovery for me.


Gradually gain confidence and

In a good way, I started to take pride in my work,

The spiral of non has begun to changeSo it is.


The customers I was in charge of

XNUMX% of the customers are Mexican,

This was also made possible by the exchanges I had with my Mexican friends in my private life.


I don't know about other countries

Mexico is

You can't do it with the mental theory of the athletic club.

People here aren't interested in things that don't benefit them.

(Or rather, Japanese mentality is scary)

But even if you are strangely polite and polite, you will only be licked.


Riding the rhythm of the opponent,

Let me use my position as a foreigner,

build equal relationships

At the end, I have to shake my head vertically,

This is the real pleasure of Nego.


This is also

You won't know until you tryThat's right.

If you are my seniors reading this,

I am sure you have experienced such things many times.

Look at the trees and look at the forest,

I don't know what I was thinking with my head,

If you close your eyes and hold your breath to do what's in front of you

A piece may come out of the gourd.

In my case it came out. (Joy!)


And this business experience

next step,

I got into the guide industry.


So if

[Illness with nothing to do]

If there are people who are in agony at

not picky

what appeared in front of me,

For the time being, you should go crazy and give it a try.



[Finding myself]

It's not something to do.

looking back,

At that time there,

[I found myself]

It is called.

Your [self] is

Except [you] who is reading this right now,

It's nothing.


The time that has passed does not stop.

But you can recover your money.

If you do it in a dream,

I can see that someday the front of my eyes will disappear into clouds.


Even in my twenties,

Even in your thirties

Even in your XNUMXs

Or even in your XNUMXs, XNUMXs, even XNUMX years old! ?

The same can be said.


"Because of my age..."

"There's nothing I want to do..."


Let's make it all taboo from now on!


By the way, I do this guide business,

active for life,

as long as the body moves

I will do it until I die.

Healthy eating habits,

With a healthy state of mind and moderate exercise

Keep your body in best condition.


travel to mexico,

If there are people who are giving up because they are old,


That's wrong! ! (smile)


If you can come, I'm sure your heart will be rejuvenated. (smile)