Misunderstanding of the guide.

It seems that going abroad used to be a great thing.

When you go abroad on a secondment,

Depending on the company, all employees were sent off at the airport in a grand way.

This is what my ex-boss when I was a salaried worker (currently a former major trading company employee before 90) told me about.


Time has passed since that era,

CurrentlyAn era where everyone can easily go abroadbecame.

Depending on the country, you may go on a day trip for work (bitter smile)


In the past, at least until I was in junior high school, I thought that traveling abroad was something only the rich could do.

Especially since we didn't have any money,


But in this era, if you work part-time for a while, you can immediately make money for travel,

The time has come when you can go abroad if you don't have the extravagance.


There are times when I am indebted to such an overseas tripTheMr. Ido.

I am one of them

Some people use

Some people don't use it,

Everyone has a different travel style.


I"Don't use" groupEnglish learning is necessary to prepare for life, learning and interaction with the global environment. <br> IT Skills (programming logic) is necessary to prepare for the needs of the future.<br> Financial literacy is necessary to prepare for creating, managing and being smart with time and wealth.<br>

Or rather, I was a backpacker, so I had no money in the first place.

I don't like being tied up ⇒ You can go around yourself and it's free.

Naturally, I never hired a guide myself.

Such a relaxed backpacker (me)

After that, I turned around and became a salaryman,

It has been integrated into the social system.


What happened then?

"no time!"

Because it is misleading, it is correct to say

"I want to make a certain time more efficient!"

I have a desire.

In short, because I want to do this and that within the time,

I no longer want to spend time on troublesome things.


I'm going to start looking into it as an old habit,

At the end, it was already "troublesome",

"Let's get the locals to take everything."

It became.

There were three or four such trips.


Like an unemployed wandering backpacker,

If you have unlimited time, change buses and

You can travel,

I am already a member of society.

I have other promises to keep!

That's why I researched everything by myself,

I don't have enough time to do it. (bitter smile)

Part of that life ended in my early twenties.


What made me realize that

It was when I hired guides in Peru, Vietnam and Guatemala.

Peru and Guatemala are the same Spain, so there is no language problem,

The efficiency is completely different.

after,Easy so you can focus on your tripIt isNo need to worry.


Although the introduction became longer,


In the first place, I thought about what a guide is.

Some people have an image like a bus guide,

Many people will think of the figure explaining at the tourist spot.

There is certainly that too.


But a guide like thatIt's too late.honest.


Now you can easily see tour information on your computer or smartphone.


It's like choosing a juice from a vending machine by tapping the screen.


So what is a guide?

This is what I do.


"Maximize the limited time of travelers and

I want you to experience it with your five senses in order to know what the land you are in now is.”


It is that.


At the ruins, the guide who talks about whether the tourist knows or does not understand is no longerLiving fossil.

It is also possible to say, “It was fun to take Instagrammable photos,” just by visiting the famous tourist spots listed in the guidebook.Outdated.


Of course, that kind of "enjoyment" is also important.surely.

But in the first place, I think, "What is fun?"

Some people enjoy mountains,

The ruins were fun,

I enjoyed the bar.


Each person has a different point of fun, isn't it?

so in the first placeGroup travel is unreasonableIt is

Especially in places like Mexico, it's complicated,

There are so many ways to enjoy it.

Then inevitably going in a groupunreasonableness arisesThat's why.


Soeveryone's averageTake

You will only go to famous sightseeing spots that are safe and ordinary.

(This is typical of Japanese tourists in Mexico)

People who don't know the circumstances of Mexico misunderstand it as "the real Mexico" and go home with "a feeling of gain".


it's not that simple,Mexico. (bitter smile)


Rather than just looking at the top side,

worth the time investmentIt's ridiculously big. (smile)