Travel guides will eventually be replaced by AI! ?

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

“Showing the true face of Mexico to the world!'

with the motto

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a government-certified tour guide and driver for trips to Mexico.

I am writing from Mexico today.


Irrational guide business will be replaced by AI! ?

☝☝☝With the guide uncle of Xochicalco


recent yearsAIThe keyword is more and more talked about.

artificial intelligence.



It is said that the existence of “many” jobs will be threatened.


"A job that can be done by a machine,

Will be replaced by AI

That's it.


I see ~, sure.


In fact, highway toll gates are mostly automated.

at the restaurant,

You can order at the terminal.

Robots are also working at the collection and delivery center.



"What will happen if you replace this with overseas travel?"

I thought about it.


The performance of portable translators has been improved endlessly,

With the development of self-driving transportation,

like finding a place on google maps

If you enter a destination, you will be able to take it.

Even the guide

Robots and AI terminals will be able to speak.


language, means of transportation, guide (description),

with thisCovers most travel needsIt looks like it's going to be done.


That's right,


"Future guide business is in danger!"



Please wait a moment.



A high-performance translator was also released,

Take me anywhere with self-driving,

Carrying a portable AI device for explanations,

I can answer any questions you have.



Will it really be the future of travel?

That's it.


my answer isNo.



we humans

Last but not least,

It is impossible to live without completely eliminating emotional theoriesIt is.


I was in business for over XNUMX years at my previous job.

I'm sure it's cheaper, the quality is better, the service is faster,

But there was a person who never shook his head vertically.

There is no rationality in terms of price, quality, service, etc.


extreme story,

This sales representative is an emotional theory like love and hate. (smile)

Such a place

As long as we are human

I think it's an element that will never go away.

(for better or worse)


AI is rational.

The movement route also instantly pops out the shortest and fastest way.

But as a human, I

It's a little detour, but

I go to places with delicious restaurants.

Stop the car at a place with a nice view that was not planned on the way.

Sometimes if there is something delicious in the market, we will treat you.

That is,

I will bring you MexicoI want you to enjoy,

by having fun,

I am more satisfied with my job

A kind of感情because it works.


Only humans can do that

Feeling that kind of human thing

a healthy human society,

I think it's the way travel should be.



Even if it is irrational.


And in that irrationality,


A lot of things are lurking.


Mexico depends on the object to be compared,

For example, compared to Japan's transportation network,

It's irrational, isn't it?

There is no convenient rail network.

The highway is clean and there are no service areas.


That is why

If you can take a detour at your favorite place,

You can also discover delicious local cuisine.

You will also be able to touch the warmth of natural people.

That is one of the real pleasures of traveling to Mexico.


of course,

The "guide" who can't do that is

They will inevitably be eliminated and disappear.

Such a place

Your customers will instantly spot you.


From now on, I will

“Irrational”to communicate with customers,

“Irrational”Let me show you around Mexico,

そ し て,

“Irrational”I want to enjoy it with my customers (laughs)

We think.

Thank you for your cooperation. (LOL)


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