The story of a mysterious Irishman that even Mexicans don't know.

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

“Showing the true face of Mexico to the world!'

with the motto

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a licensed tour guide and driver in Mexico.


Takagao Ohitashi,

Ohitashi though.

So long ago I can't remember when I last ate

Maybe my mother's cooking was the last,

Spinach boiled.

For the first time, I made and ate by myself,

Moreover, it was delicious and I was deeply moved.

why is it so easy

Couldn't you have done it sooner?

The fact is a mystery to me (laughs).

I immediately bought twice as much spinach as usual,

I plan to make this a regular menu item in our house from now on.


appears in Mexican history,

A mysterious Irish presence.


deep ties with Mexico,

In other words, speaking of countries that appear in history,

exclusively in Spain,

France and America invaded

Attacked by Dutch and British pirates,

in mexico

"History of Abuse"

There is no denying that there is.


During that time,

The existence of a certain foreigner

It is steeped in the long and complex history of Mexico.


his name isGuiden de Rampart,

Or William Lamport.

☝☝☝This is it.

As William

It's neither Mexican nor Spanish. (smile)


he was born in XNUMXIrishWhat is it? (!?)

And alone.

The era is the early Edo period.

Trade with Holland began in XNUMX.

The winter siege of Osaka, in which the Toyotomi clan fell, was in XNUMX.

that he

present-day Mexico,

(Nueva Espana, a Spanish colony at the time)

It was XNUMX that I came to

It is easy to understand if it is XNUMX, the year before the isolation of the country was completed.


I was XNUMX years old when I came to Mexico.

When I think that I went on a big adventure long ago when I was about the same age,

I think it's amazing power.


There are many mysteries about his actions.

In the first placeWhy is he from Ireland in Mexico?


It looks like you had a purpose.


"Liberate the 'indigenous people' and slaves oppressed by the Spaniards in Mexico"


In the name of this cause,

first of all

Ireland's independence from Great Britain and

Attempts to annex Spain.

I don't know how far the plan went and what happened after that.

I was able to get close to the son of King Felipe III of Spain at the time.


By the way, King Felipe III of Spain

dispatched by the Edo ShogunateTsunenaga Hasekura of the Keicho Mission to Europe had an audience in XNUMX.Is doing.


Through this connection,

Spanish colony of Nueva EspanaVirrey (colonial king)I was aiming for the seat of the tiger.

Its purpose isIndependence of New Spain (Mexico) from Spain.



Such a bold and brave plan was exposed.

And in XNUMX, two years after coming to Mexico,

Subjected to the Santa Inquisition,

sent to prison.

However, after spending about eight years, he succeeded in escaping.


After escaping

In Veracruz, where the descendants of African-Mexicans live, which I introduced in another blogYangaTo

While hiding for about XNUMX years,

"Independence Movement"continued.




Once again, such daring activities were disastrous,

to the colonial authorities by local Spanish inhabitants“Informed”It will be done.


Captured in XNUMX,

be sentenced to self-immolation.


Mexican independence movement

famousMiguel HidalgoIt was started in XNUMX by

But thatAbout XNUMX years ago,

Moreover, by foreigners

Mexican independence movementIt is


honored with the

As proof of that, in the Independence Monument

I have a statue of him.

☝☝☝This is it.

☝☝☝It's in here.


This is a fact that even Mexicans don't know much about. (smile)



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