The meaning of high school baseball children's tears.

Due to the influence of the coronavirus, the spring selection high school baseball has also been canceled.


When I was in high school, I was sweating in the soft tennis club.

However, when I was in junior high school, I got a little better result,

It was said to be a prestigious school in high school (I don't know what's going on now...)

I went to school on a sports recommendation.


Different types, but

The sports club of a prestigious high school.

The basic rugged feeling peculiar to athletic clubs is the same.(bitter smile)


The reason I started playing soft tennis in the first place

Because there was only a soft tennis club in junior high school.


You may think that

It's true.

Is it a soft tennis club or a go-home club?Alternative.


The junior high school was in Uruki Village, Shimoina County, Nagano Prefecture.

When I was in elementary school, I was a problem child and half-truant (bitter smile).

My parents, who couldn't stand it, recommended me to study abroad in a mountain village.

I was XNUMX at the time,

"Isn't it fine?"


I remember making a decision almost immediately.

The reason is that I was bored with the status quo and wanted to do something different.


The “study abroad” destination was Uruki Village, Shimoina District, Nagano Prefecture, with a population of just over XNUMX at the time.

There are XNUMX students in the middle school.

In the year I entered, there were XNUMX students, including XNUMX other international students.

That's why it was an environment where there was only one club activity.


At that time, corporal punishment was not yet popular, so

I was beaten hard by the teacher of the adviser. (bitter smile)

(I still keep in touch with him from time to time, and he is my mentor.)


I digressed a little,

Japanese school sports club,

High school is especially special.


Hierarchical relationship like an idiot,

Underclassmen picking up balls,

shaved head,

Pashiri (running errands by senior students),

A high school baseball player who loses and cries like it's the end of the world...


At that time it was taken for granted that

(I didn't become a boy and a parsley),

It's funny now that I think about it.

Because the upperclassmen were gods just because the first and second grades were different. (bitter smile)

The baseball club was next door,

Seeing the members of the same class being sent to seniors on errands,

"Poor thing..."

I remember feeling sad for some reason.


"Mexico too?"

There is no way.

Everyone is friendly, but we will challenge together.


I worked hard too.

Practice alone in the morning,

Even after practice, I went out for a run with the iron array (laughs).

(Thanks to that, I was praised by a prestigious track and field club member lol)

Watching videos of good people repeatedly,

I did everything I could.

But no results came.

Even though I was a high school student, I was overwhelmed by "despair". (Pain pain)


But I am strangely convinced.

"I'm not cut out for this"


So I didn't feel like crying,

I didn't regret it.


When I see a baseball player crying after losing in high school baseball,

"Why are you crying so much?"

That's what I think. (bitter smile)


I do it to cry

Crying is cool.

Everyone cries, so I have to cry too.


As the same person who did in the high school sports club, I feel that

thisTuning pressureIsn't it?surely. (bitter smile)

I don't know who made it

There is an image that is considered good,

I do it for that “cool” image.

The original sport is not the purpose,

That's why unreasonable and super-inefficient hierarchical relationships exist normally,

“Crying”becomes a feature of Koshien.


young people,

Life is not just about club activities.

face up,

Let's look at the world.


my life only once,

for people,

for the world,

for the world

And most of all, for myself

do your best,

In some cases, tears naturally flow down my cheeks,

I want to be a person with a heart.