Telework at a Japanese company in Mexico.

Telework for an employee of a Japanese company in Mexico.


I was talking to a Mexican friend the other day.

I laughed once.


No, I don't mean to be stupid,

Because they are doing things that put the cart before the horse

It made me giggle.


With the Mexican government refraining from going out,

For highly non-urgent occupations, work at home (home office)

In the event of a request for

Every company was forced to respond.


However, depending on the industry and occupation, there are some things that are difficult to do completely remote work.

For example, a business with actual inventory.

So I think it will be difficult to deal with.


The Japanese company also

There are many Mexican employees without exception.


What happened in this situation

to employees




First thing in the morning, create and submit a plan for the day,

Report progress at noon,

And a daily report at the end of work.


Do this every day.


Hear it,

I am grateful that I am independent. (Joy!)



It's just that they don't trust their employees at all.


Straighten the horns and kill the cow.


Just make those reports.

Almost an hour is lost every day.

Even if the report is useful for sales policy,

It's business management.

Depending on the mood of the boss, it is likely that he will not read it.


A Mexican company that manages employees like that,

Probably not.




Because they are people who hate troublesome things. (bitter smile)


Conversely, if you don't "manage" it to that extent, it won't turn around.

No leadership at all

There is no charm in the leader itself,

The result is

In a company that only does such business reports,

You can't see growth,

Employees are mechanized,

Lack of stamina,

It's just a spiral of non.


After all, I will do it,

to something that catches your eyefeel inspiredIt's better, isn't it?


I am lucky to

I have a lot of time to do research,

There are a lot of such notices even if you don't go out.


It's like taking a "virtual trip" while researching.

While researching, when it connects with what I researched in the past,

"Ah, I see, it's connected here."

It becomes.


People who feel that their current job is not fun,

As a basis for judging whether the workplace you are currently in is suitable for you,

It might be a good idea to measure it with such excitement.


A life that seems long but short,

I really want to spend my time in excitement! (smile)