A sense of gratitude when it becomes inconvenient

Actually today aboutafter half a yearCold tofuI ate

It is an authentic Japanese dish of tofu sprinkled with bonito flakes and soy sauce.


As you know, tofu was introduced to Japan from China through envoys to the Tang Dynasty during the Nara period.

Originally, it was eaten only by upper class people such as aristocrats and samurai as Buddhist cuisine.

After a while, it seems that the general public finally became able to eat it around the middle of the Edo period.

"Yakko" is a word that doesn't sound very good nowadays when calling a third party as "yatsu",

It originally came from a low-ranking slave (nuhi) during the Ritsuryo system.He is a man, and he is a woman.

Although they were of low social status, they were different from slaves and worked like samurai servants.

So, the hanten that he was wearing had a square pattern called the nail nukimon.

It seems that he started to say that he cuts the ingredients into squares from there.

From there, cold tofu came to be called hiyayakko, and warm tofu was called yudokko or boiled tofu.


When I was little, my late mother used to make me eat this dish every morning with rice and miso soup.

Without even remembering that one day such a thing happened,

Even if I don't eat, I don't think anything of it, and before I know it, half a year has passed.


In modern times, we live in an era where the evaluation is determined by the innovative presentation and seasoning.


the taste of the food itselfIt's really delicious, isn't it?

On that matter,

There is no money to buy Japanese food satisfactorily after leaving the office,

Through the tofu that was eaten half a year later,

I reaffirmed this.


Tofu, dried bonito, soy sauce,

A dish that has a synergistic effect of combining ingredients with ingredients to increase the umami even more,

It's very simple, but it's too obvious that it doesn't attract attention.

No need to draw attention to it,

TooFood has become too much of a business toolWhen you come

I think this feeling will fade.


I want to cherish the taste of these raw ingredients.

Strange chemical seasonings and the taste of strangely dressed dishes,

After all, it is unnatural,

Without feeling "Oh, it's good",

You can't keep eating for a long time.


Guy (yakko)

Even if you eat every morning, hundreds, thousands of daysnever get tired of eating,

It's very simple, but I think it's a representative example of the taste of the material itself.


Actually, there are quite a lot of Mexican dishes.

For salsa (sauce), tomatoes, chili peppers, garlic, onions,

The source of the combination of only four kinds of ingredients,

It's a staple on every Mexican table.


Don't miss it!


that's allsalsaIt's a great food culture.

Whether it's a single tortilla, a chicharron, or a Gorditas,

Mexican cuisine has many dishes that have been around for a long time, and many of them make use of the taste of the ingredients.

Nowadays, people eat sushi rolls with cream cheese, strawberries, and mango, but...

initially,A food culture that values ​​the taste of ingredientsSuch you.


I want to cherish that taste for the rest of my life.

If you have a strong sense of taste, you can make delicious dishes.

The fact that there are delicious dishes

It's about preserving that culture.

Where there is no delicious simple food,

After all, good culture has not been inherited.


It's a pity that some popular tourist destinations in Mexico have such a trend.

Instead of deciding which restaurant to use based on the appearance of the restaurant,

You should judge whether the taste of the material remains properly.


If you cherish simple things, you will surely see their original appearance.

It was the first cold tofu in half a year that made me think of that (joy)