Do you yearn for an international marriage?

There was news that Maya and Kaiya's divorce was finalized.

If you haven't lived in Japan for more than 10 years, there are many times when you ask, "Who are these people?"

This time as well, I had heard the names before, but without exception, it was "Who is it?"


It doesn't matter who it is, but I had an international marriage ⇒ a divorce, so I opened the article asking, "What's wrong?"

It was a quagmire divorce drama,,,

Half of the married life was separated,


Even though I opened it myself, I looked only at that part and thanked you for the meal.

It's someone else's business, so it's going to be extra troublesome.


Even if you think that, international marriage is still difficult,,,

We can't understand each other at the important point.

No, it's not about language problems,

Finally, in terms of each other's humanity,

There are parts that cannot be conveyed no matter how you do it.


Trying one way or another and failing,

I failed again, one way or another,

If you repeat it about 30 times,

"It's okay," I faint.

Because we can't understand even the tiniest of things,

If you only complain about Uda Uda,

I'm tired, or rather, don't look at me like, "What am I? Are you really loved?"


Mexican women say

Simply put,

It's usually "princess".


I want to be treated like a princess.

I want to be a princess

I want to be thought of as a princess.


If I write something like this, the ladies might get mad at me, but (sweat lol)

This is really hard. . .Handle it well.

If you're in a bad mood, you'll be in trouble again.


Because that's what Mexican brave men think,

It seems that she is doing her best to attend to the princess,

There are many things I can't do.


XNUMX.Get out of the car first and open the passenger door

XNUMX.Kisses and hugs no matter where you are

XNUMX.Men pay for food and drink

XNUMX.women don't apologize


In my case

2, XNUMX, XNUMX talked and had the hurdles lowered by about XNUMX mm.

Especially apology

When the number of times increases, it will gradually sound like a body blow. (tears)


One word, "I'm sorry!"

Somehow she wants to shift the responsibility to the man.

Not everyone, of course.

I think there are some people in there, but...


But in that situation, even if I explained it carefully, it didn't seem to fall off.

Even after the conversation is over, it doesn't feel refreshed.


What"Why do you want to admit it so stubbornly?"I really think.


National character?


That certainly makes sense.

In this society, there are places where an apology is the end of the story.actual.

Even though it's clearly wrong to hit a car, you can explain to the insurance company that it's a hoax forever.

(I've never been in an accident, so no harm done.)

Even if you make a mistake at work, there are many cases where you lose if you apologize.

This is severe because if you admit it, you may be fired immediately,

I've also seen a lot of things that I would never approve of.


Therefore, such as the apology press conference that Japanese love,

here we have Impossible

It is


People who are longing for international marriage,

Those who are thinking of getting married internationally,

No, Mexicans and willing people,

People who fell in love with Mexicans,

People who think that Mexicans are cheerful and have fun,


Are you really prepared?


It's better to stop the easy marriage that has no roots and leaves. (lol lol)