When an era ends/starts

Today is a little core story. (bitter smile)

For those not interested in history,

If you don't mind, please skip today.


After XNUMX years of reign,

What is the situation when a new era or country is born?


For example,

The beginning of the Edo period, which lasted XNUMX years, was triggered by

It was the Battle of Sekigahara between Ieyasu Tokugawa and Mitsunari Ishida.

And the end was the Boshin War between the new government army and the old Shogunate army.

When power transfers

Those who aim for the post,

Conflict erupts with those who were previously in power.

With a handshake,

"Well, see you next time~"

It's not like that. (bitter smile)

the Spanish invaders

Invade Mesoamerica, which was spread out in the area where present-day Mexico exists,

In the name of precious metal mining and Catholic missionary work,

exploiting and oppressing people across Mesoamerica,

colony of Spain, the world's greatest power at the time,

In August XNUMX, the construction of Nueva España began.


XNUMX years later

In the early morning of September XNUMX, XNUMX*,

Priest Miguel Hidalgo, who was the priest of the current Dolores Hidalgo village,

gather the crowd in front of the village church,

"Vamos a matar gachupines!"

(Kill the Spaniards!)


Mexican independence movement begins.


As is customary in guidebooks,

"Viva Mexico!"

It is said that he cried out,

Even now, on the evening of September XNUMXth, Independence Day,

Presidents and local chiefs

From the National Palace and City Hall,

"Viva Mexico!"

This is the climax of the Independence Day event.


But in reality

"Vamos a matar gachupines!"

(Kill the Spaniards!)

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Indeed, the president still

"Kill the Spaniards!"

I feel bad if I say it every year. (bitter smile)


(*Mexico's Independence Day is September XNUMXth.

But we celebrate the XNUMXth.

The reason is that the dictator, Porfirio Diaz,

This is because I pushed it forward a day to celebrate with my birthday on the XNUMXth.)

☝☝☝Exactly what a dictator wants to do.I wish I could put it back later, but it's been like this forever.


This was the case when Mexico became independent after XNUMX years of Spanish rule.


Independence movement (war) that began in XNUMX.

The conflict between independence supporters and the Spanish colonial government continued for a long time,

In XNUMX it had reached its eleventh year.

Of course, both were exhausted from the protracted conflict.


Japan is the year when Tadataka Ino's "Dai Nihon Enkai Yorichi Enzu" was completed.


For the Spanish colonial government,

There are even voices calling for direct rule by the royal family of Spain,

Groups desiring direct rule were secretly strategizing.

Among them was Agustin de Iturbide, a womanizer.

There was a colonial army general.


At that secret meeting, he met a woman named Maria Ignatia (commonly known as La Guera),

I'm starting an affair. (Actually she was beautiful lol)

Iturbide married a wealthy wife in XNUMX.

The economic strength of her family was so attractive that I couldn't part with her.

☝☝☝Maria Ignatia “La Guera”


Maria Ignatia is

To the "lover" Iturbide who is having an affair,

"Why don't we stop the war already?"

I propose.


The colonial government army general hereby

Taking advantage of the chaotic situation,

I began to think of gaining power like a fire thiefIt will be.

Revert to the independence faction.

but peacefully.


Talk to pro-independence cadre Vicente Guerrero,

after that,

the head of the colonial government,

in Cordoba, VeracruzTreaty of CordobaTie the

The War of Independence is over

Independence virtually complete.

With the colonial government army, the independence army, and the top government in hand,

Bloodless entry into Mexico CityTo do.


This leaves the monarch in a state of non-existence,

Iturbide formed a provisional government,

period of administrationIt becomes.

In the following year, in order to eliminate the members of the temporary internal rank and become the emperor himself,

Plan a rebellion in Selaja (the town where Honda's factory is now).

Then in September XNUMX,

First Mexican EmpireCan

Birth of Emperor IturbideWas.


On the other hand,

As soon as it is seen that he is not functioning as a monarch,

Informed by the U.S. government,

In March XNUMXforced to resign and driven out of the country.

arrived in London via Italy, Switzerland and Belgium,

From there

"Spain takes back Mexico"

, which is themed around False rumorflow.

As a result, the new Mexican government

Designated as Persona Non Grata,

If you land in Mexico again,

Death penalty for treasonis declared.

Without knowing this, after landing at Tamaulipas in July XNUMX,

Captured and shot by his friends.


On October XNUMXth of the same yearConstitution of the United States of Mexico enactedAnd

United Mexico (Estados Unidos Mexicanos)

Is bornWas.


What do you think about this obsession with power and unskilledness? (bitter smile)

These people

Many will appear at the center of the later Mexican administration.

Mexico started its journey as a democratic nation after its independence.

it's just for looks.

It marks the beginning of a dark era of clinging to power.