There was no more corona at the graduation party in the historic building.

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During the childcare period,

Your posts are intermittent.

I'll be back to posting almost every day when I calm down.

It's time for a party, isn't it? (bitter smile)

👆The state of last night's graduation party, where there must have been thousands of people


Coexistence of corona and party "complete"

What about the world outside of Japan?

It looks like you're already out of Corona?

Mexico is like that too.

"Ah, you can meet people without restrictions."

That's because

There is one more important thing.


that is···


"We can party". (smile)


I think some people have the image that "Mexico = party",


Anyway, we have a lot of parties big and small.

Rather than "meeting people or not meeting people",

"We can or can't have a party together"

is more important. (smile)


What is the difference between "dining party" and "party"?

I have to think for a moment,

If you force yourself to divide,

I think it depends on whether there is dance time or not.


If you just get together and eat,

Don't call it a Fiesta (party)

Call it "lunch" or "dinner".

When saying "Vamos a fiesta"

There is always alcohol,

there must be music,

always dance,

element is entered.


This time it's definitely a Fiesta (party), but (laughs)

It's been about a year now,

At a friend's college graduation party with a family relationship,

I was invited to that.


My last party was...

winter 2019,

Before Corona,

First party in 3 years.

By the way, it's been three years since I last wore a suit. (bitter smile)


For the time being, with the condition that "it depends on the situation of Corona",

I promised to participate half a year ago,

Before I knew it, the option of not participating in Corona had disappeared. (bitter smile)


Seriously, I wore a mask for the time being,

As soon as I entered the venue,

I realized that "Oh, this doesn't mean I'm wearing a mask,"

I decided to stop doing it halfway through.


At the venue where there would be thousands of people,

Sing and scream and dance,

Because I'm going to chat with you at a very close distance from Ursai,

To be frank, I don't want to wear a mask. (bitter smile)




At this party

Corona didn't exist anymore.

I was completely back to Mexico before corona ~.


This kind of thing calls all my family and friends,

men and women of all ages,

Below is 0 years old,

Some are over 80 years old,

No mask of course.

We all had a lot of fun.


There is no end to waiting for it to completely disappear.

It doesn't make sense to compare it with "Japan", which is completely different every time.

I'm Japanese, so I can only compare it with Japan. (Shin)

When you feel this

The gap with the atmosphere of "Japan" appears clearly.


"I'm scared of infection"

"I don't want to cause trouble for others."

That's why I don't travel

"I wear a mask all the time"


At first glance, it sounds true, but

If you said that

In addition, the following threats have emerged,

I think my life will probably end at that point.


Even if it's Corona

even in the event of an accident or illness.


At today's party here in Mexico,

At least today,

many people

"I'm scared of infection"

"I don't want to bother others"

Therefore, "Continue refraining from going out and parties"

than you think

"Are you sure you're okay now?"

It seems that there were an overwhelming number of people who thought that.


The proof is the photo at the beginning 👆



Hmm, that's a little different.


I have never been to a Japanese university graduation ceremony,

What are you going to do?

The graduation ceremony is the whole,

After that, I went to an izakaya individually and launched,

Do you have something you like?


Universities in Mexico

After completing the credits, the final exam in the form of thesis + question and answer,

Or have a paper test,

If you complete it, you will receive a degree.

Invite family and friends during the final exam,

Party after passing. (smile)


Most of the graduates celebrated this time are 21 years old.

You are the age when you left Japan.

I can still remember the situation at that time,

Almost 20 years have passed since then,

When you think about it, it's so fast.

If you spend this time again, it will be the XNUMXth birthday! (smile)

Another time, the average life expectancy in Japan! (LOL)


While I was restless,

"Fun time",

"Time that can be done" is getting too much.


Las Vizcaínas, a structure from Spain's Basque Country


Since the venue was a historical building,

I'll write a bit about it.

So many sightseeing routes,

Especially Japanese travelers have little connection?

It's a place like

heart of mexico

Located in the historic center of Mexico City

It is a building with high historical value, so I will introduce it briefly.


In a building called Las Vizcaínas,

This time it was transformed into a party venue,

Originally it was a school.

It's about 800 meters southwest of the Zocalo in a straight line,

It is still operated from kindergarten to high school,

In fact, there is even a schoolyard inside.


Construction began in 1734,

It was in Iloilo that the school opened in 30, about 1767 years later.

It was exactly 100 years before Taisei Hokan.


In the 17th and 18th centuries,

The heyday of Baroque architecture.

Greek architecture in the distance, peeking into the baroque style,

and Arab elements

Where you can feel the history of the world up close,

There is something interesting about Mexican architecture.

????If you look at the details even a little, it will be interesting to visit Mexico's architecture


The same can be said for Mesoamerican structures such as the pyramids.

Look at European architecture such as churches,

It's not just "beautiful ~ amazing ~",

Do you feel the tide of history through art?

Along with the flow

Many historical events have happened,

Taking them together

I know the background of the place.


So, going back to the number of years the school opened,

The Catholic Church intended to make this school a part of the Church organization as before, but

School staff are

Of course, even if I give lectures on religion,

Make the organization independent

I took the position.

So when I was arguing,

It is said that 30 years have passed.


Although the name is Vizcaína,

This is northern Spain

Located in the Basque Country, which crosses the border with France,

It is named after the province of Vizcaya.

In Spanish it is called Vasco.

Vizcaíno means "of Vizcaya".


This school is not unconditionally open to "everyone",


especially those from the Basque Country,

Or opened a school for the purpose of educating women born in Nueva España.


Speaking of the Basque country,

The activities of conservatives who want independence from Spain, known as the ETA, are active.

The official language of the residents is Euskara (Basque).

their language and Spanish,

Or French bilingual.

Independence from Spain seems to have been avoided.

In return, they are given autonomy,

It seems that things are complicated.




The first half is about the party situation in Mexico after post-coronavirus,

In the second half, I wrote about the history of Las Vizcaínas.

On my tour of central Mexico City,

You can also take a tour of these historical European buildings.

Please let me know if you are interested in architecture.


See you tomorrow.


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