Traveling to Mexico isn't a necessity, but it seems like a lifestyle.

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Only XNUMX hours by direct flight from Narita, please leave it to us for overseas travel in XNUMX and sightseeing in Mexico.

A Mexican guide and driver who has lived in Mexico for 7 years,

complex and vast Mexico[Beneficial], [Easy], and [Rich]IFully Private Japanese Tourso,

From Mexico's archaeological sites to gastronomy, local attractions and Mexico's majestic mountains,

We will guide you through the endless charm of Mexico!


During the childcare period,

Your posts are intermittent.

I'll be back to posting almost every day when I calm down.


Make Mexico your life.



In psychology, there is something called “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”.

For example,

If physiological needs are not met,

study or

Get along with your friends,

I can't satisfy my desire to travel,

something like.


When you are holding the toilet,

"I wonder when I'll go on a trip to Mexico."

Those who think

Well, it's normal to say "no" (bitter smile)

"How fast can you get it out?"

That's the top priority at the moment.


If we apply this to our daily life,

Even if you want to go to the toilet now,

I don't have toilet paper,

You wouldn't buy an iPhone right now, would you? (bitter smile)


First of all, get some toilet paper,

I think that consciousness will go to iPhone after refreshing.


natural disasters such as earthquakes,

To people in war-torn areas like Ukraine,

what to send first.

Toilet Paper,


feminine hygiene products,



Even if you sent 100 billion of the latest iPhones,

If you don't have those "essentials",

It's no help, right?


In that sense, Japanese paper cranes are the same. (bitter smile)

People who are patient with the toilet,

For those who do not have a safe place to live,

There's no point in sending a thousand paper cranes (bitter smile).

At last, at the third level, social needs,

"Oh, I'm not alone..."

I still know what I'm going to send a thousand paper cranes to think.

I read the news,

I remember thinking, "Ah, what a peaceful Japan would want."


Thinking that way,

"Travel" is like an iPhone,

Even if I can't travel anymore,

There is nothing wrong with "sustaining life".

As far as "Mexico trip" is concerned,

I have traveled all over the world,

Even if "Mexico trip" disappears.

Travelers will have no trouble.



Because I love Mexico from the bottom of my heart,

"Mexico travel disappears" = unable to live,

It seems that there is a tendency to think. (bitter smile)


For "travel" without such necessity,

How can you spend so much time and money? (mystery)


It's strange, isn't it~

Even though you usually say "I don't have money~",

Just by returning to Japan, I will put out XNUMX yen.

And it's just a plane

The cost of living and transportation in Japan cost more than double that. (bitter smile)



Even people who seem to be ordinary office workers,

Instead of "eating more delicious food at home,"

I'm going to put out a lot of money in a "luxury hotel in Mexico".

If you have that money,

Despite having a lot of luxury at home.


Thinking that way,

Travel is not a “necessity” related to food, clothing and shelter,

"necessary" to fulfill the person's values ​​or "happiness",

I think it's kind of a lifestyle.


I am the Mexico sightseeing tour that I provide to my customers.

Of course, for our customers

It's still an extraordinary and special time for those who come from Japan all the way.

It's one step ahead.

It doesn't just end with "Oh, the pyramid was amazing",

mexico trip,

No, the concept of a country called "Mexico"

I wish I could be a part of your "life"

What do you think?


You may think it's fluffy, but

Actually, this is how I used my Kiote Tsushin and SNS photos,

Every day or every once in a while,

"Mexico" is already a part of everyone's "life".

Expanding on this,

In the end, everyone will travel to Mexico, (laughs)

The size of "Mexico in your life"

I would like to expand it.


Even if it is not a "life necessity"

"Somehow, Mexico heals me~"

Same as "reading"

I hope it will enrich your life,

Transmission of information,

And we will do our best to guide you in Mexico.


A week from tomorrow,

Let's do our best~


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