Origin of corn.

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☝☝☝Corn isn't just yellow


in spanishMaiz

It is called.


According to the book

The etymology of Mais is from the Caribbean language,

It is believed that the Spaniards brought it to Mexico.

In Nahuatl, tlaolli,

It is called elotl.


"etc" means

depending on location and maturity

This is because the name will change.


If you are an experienced traveler to Mexico,

As you know, it is one of the crops that symbolize Mexican cuisine.

If you are not familiar with Mexico yet,

"Mexican rice is first of all corn"

Please keep in mind.


Speaking of Japanese food, rice,

And so on

Corn is synonymous with Mexican food.


Corn is one of the world's three major grains (rice, wheat, and corn).

Not only edible

production of glucose, ethanol, etc.

It is also used for industrial purposes.


More than just food

The fact that it is also used for drinks is

It's as I've been introducing Chobi Chobi these days.


in the state of ChiapasPox (or Posh)There is a strong sake called.

in the state of TabascoPozolThere is a drink called

(There is a dish called pozole, but this is pozoLeis)

If you go to Jalisco,Tejuino.

☝☝☝With an uncle selling posol in a park in Villahermosa, the capital of Tabasco

☝☝☝ Posol.color is cocoa


Corn is still an essential crop for the people of Mexico today.

Even in the Mesoamerican era before the Spanish took over,

Corn is at the center of the diet,

Because of its importance,

It was also sanctified.


As for why it was so useful,

first of allthe amount.

You can get a lot of fruit (seeds).

AndAdapted to various natural environments in various parts of MesoamericaI was doing it.

From the sandy area of ​​the coast below,

Up to XNUMXm above sea level,

It adapted to the local environment.

Adapted to such a wide range of natural environments,

Among the many Mesoamerican crops,

It's just corn.



As soon as it is recognized as

so that humans can harvest more stably and efficiently,


I'm going to start


There are different types of corn, so

Humans choose what suits them

"sorting"do it,

You will begin to “cultivate” it.


If you want to grow

"Arable land"

Will also be needed.

Where to cultivate arable land in a vast natural environment,




In that way, over the course of hundreds and thousands of years,

Adapted to human living environment



Plants have also adapted to it.


Symbiosis between humans and cornAnd

The corn we eat today isSelection and Cultivation CrystalsSuch you.


このMaize native to Mesoamerica (today's Mexico)but,

It is said that there are currently XNUMX-XNUMX species in the Americas.

only in mexicoXNUMX-XNUMX speciesThere is a record of

The number varies depending on the literature.


The oldest evidence of "cultivation" in the world,

From the caves of Tehuacán, Puebla,

Artifacts dated from XNUMX to XNUMX BC have been found.

There are also differences in the literature.


Such corn

As for the source of the origin,


I'm going to leave the edge.

A plant that is still growing

biologicallyPlant closest to cornIt has been with.

Humans take seeds from this plant,

"Cultivation" has begun.

Because the fruit was large and the size was large,

It caught people's attention.

Photo: https://www.milenio.com/estados/zea-la-planta-misteriosa-que-dio-origen-a-la-reserva

Even if you say "fruitful",

From one to about XNUMX-XNUMX,

Like so-called corn,

harvested in large quantities at once,

It wasn't efficient.


Currently in Mexico,

Oaxaca, Michoacan,

It grows in seven states, including Guerrero, at altitudes of XNUMX-XNUMXm.

It is mainly used for livestock feed.


Calbee's roasted corn, too (laughs)

Festival grilled corn,

Also canned sweet corn

The origin is connected to here.


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