That Maya tribe is not from the Maya region.

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The Maya tribe is not from the Maya cultural sphere.

☝☝☝The ruins of the city of Calakmul in the jungle


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Those who have read the

If you are familiar with Maya culture,




I think I did.


when i knew it too






Speaking of the Maya, Yucatan Peninsula and Chiapas,

and vice versa,

I thought.


On the map you saw last time,

The oldest Mayan city is

The ruins of a city presumed to be the oldest in Maya culture, which was featured in the news the other day,

Guatemalan Tikal,

Calakmul in Campeche



In those areas from XNUMX to XNUMX BC,

It is believed that human settlement and early urban construction began in the Maya cultural area.


there, but

About the Maya


There is an unknown history even before this. (surprise!)


the Maya tribe

Before reaching the above mentioned areas where the early Mayan culture began to settle,


was farther northIt is


In other words,

Origin of the MayaIt is,

It's not the Yucatan Peninsula with Chichen Itza or Chiapas with Palenque.


North is said to be

Gulf of Mexico,

It spans the northern and central parts of present-day Veracruz.

☝☝☝ around here



From this area

some leaveand started heading south,

Around XNUMX BC,

It reaches parts of the Yucatan Peninsula and Chiapas.


after that,

It leads to the settlement of the early Maya and the construction of each city.


On the other hand,

There is a group that stayed without moving.

they then

Northern Veracruz and

Stay in the area straddling the southeastern part of San Luis Potosi,

their ownWasteka (or Tenek) Cultureform the

☝☝☝ around here


in conclusion.


A culture XNUMX kilometers away,

Mayan and Vastecan (or Tenek) cultures are brothersWhat is it?


This is also understandable from a linguistic point of view.


Suppose there is a big tree called the Maya family.

Maya and Huastecan are

same branchIt's a language that branched off from

In other words, parents are the same.



of the same Maya family treeanother branchIs

still spoken in Chiapas

Tzeltal and

It is related to the Tzotzil language.

This is the same family

Cousin because parents are differentIt corresponds to.


It's confusing. (bitter smile)

when you came to mexico

I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner.


If you have a chance to go to southeastern San Luis or northern Veracruz (Huasteca culture area),

That Maya started here,

Please remember. (smile)


See you ~



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