Is “Mexico dangerous” true or false?

Media is also a business.

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“Is Mexico safe and secure?”

I often get asked.


For those who come to my place,

Even if you are not in the plan,

If you have time, skyscrapers line up,

We will also take you to the modern part of the capital where luxury brand stores gather,

We will guide you so that you can feel the contrast of Mexico.

Then everyone will be very surprised.


"Mexico is totally different from what I thought!"When.


of course,

In a good way. (smile)


"It's nothing like what you see on the news,

There is no drug war! ”



Of course not!

If you were doing donpachi on a daily basis,

First of all, I don't live in Coco.


Free time

In such a place

"Please come because it's fun!"

I can't tell my valued customers.


Among our customers are

"Come back alive!"

"Are you alive?"

I might be joking,

It seems that there are cases where people in Japan ask.


Whether it's a joke or not,

Mexico has such an image.It is that. . . (problem)


During the school days of the guide,

Although it was not said clearly,

As a kind of taboo topic about security,

I think the teachers were also concerned.


Even if there is something to be said as a fact,

We shouldn't be willing to bring it up.


For the outrageous media business,

Only the black part is a close-upAnd

as if it were the only reality

or otherwise,

It has become a constant part of the Mexican stereotype.


Since media is also a business,

You can't do it if you don't have an income.

the audience unconsciouslyto negative information

more movingSounds like that.

Therefore, inevitably incidents and accidents,

Human failures such as adultery and drugsnegative topicBut,

A big part of the news.


Although this is a system suitable for capitalism,

It's not good, is it? (bitter smile)


when you seeI feel gloomyand

Media are human too.

Sometimesexaggerate or distort the facts,

an eventHow attractive “products”” will be released to the world,

I'm thinking about it.


The problem is

"Attractive products" in here,

necessarilyNot for the sake of customers or societyabout it.

Those who receive these "goods"

Actually, I'm not always happy.

People who saw such inflammatory reports about Mexico

"I don't want the drug cartel to leave Kowai"

I thought

Unless you actually travel to Mexico,

For those who received the news as a commodity,

"I can't touch one inch of this wonderful Mexican culture and history.",

To saydamage occurredIs doing.


I am a little pleased that

I got a little audience rating and number of sales,

A little money comes in,

Only a few TV stations and publishers.



Regarding Mexico,

For example, Oaxaca rugs,

mercado bag,

It seems that there are also programs that introduce positive points.


By the way, Mercado bags are popular in Japan.

I don't think it's made in Mexico. (smile)

In the first place, the models sold in Japan are

Because it's not in Mexico.

If you're not in Mexico

It doesn't have to be made in Mexico.

If you want to do it, you can do it cheaply and nearby in China or other countries.

(Is this also the work of the media?)


The media is fueling that sort of thing again,

Saying things that aren't real as if they were real,

People who see it will think so.


With the advent of television and the Internet,

We live in a world flooded with all sorts of information,

Furthermore, with the advent of SNS,

In the opinion of a person who is influential in terms of volume (number of likes, etc.),

easy to contact,

And it's a world where you can speak easily and anonymously.


In a world like this,

the quality of information that can be heard and

We need to be more careful with how we handle it.


While information is essential,

The fact that one wrong step could affect life or death,

during wartime,

In emergencies and delicate situations such as this corona disaster,

Isn't it obvious?


Don't risk your life with information

Don't lose out on information,

and by informationto [get],

Always one step ahead,

It's time to think for yourself.


Let's go back to Mexico,

More than just news

various tourist information sites,

Don't travel on the basis of moldy information,

Traveling to get something with your five senses is more

I think it will be a meaningful time,

I started this Mexico guide business.


any information,

The source of the information and the way it is conveyed is what I am most careful about.

No matter how accurate the information is, if the way it is conveyed is wrong,

In some cases, far from being communicated,

Because it can be understood in the opposite direction.


That's how

About security in Mexico

If the question is a two-way question,

if you're careful“not dangerous”is. (smile)


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