The charm of mezcal.

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

“Showing the true face of Mexico to the world!'

with the motto

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a licensed tour guide and driver in Mexico.


The charm of mezcal.

☝☝☝Me exactly XNUMX years ago (far right), left is my brother.
The two on the left have been friends for XNUMX years.


Today (September XNUMXth) is Independence Day.

Last night's quiet "festival" was spent at my wife's parents' house.

It's a day to celebrate

Everyone (XNUMX people) do mezcal (XNUMX degrees),

Before I knew it, I drank about five shots (laughs).

no drunkenness,

I got drunk moderately,

things you don't usually talk about,

For example,

What I am vaguely thinking now,

problems, etc.

We were talking.

This year was a quiet celebration in Corona,

family reunion after a long time,

It was a good time. (smile)



This is a continuation of the mezcal story from the other day.


manufacturing process,

kind or

pairing or

brand or

Rather than such a difficult technical difference,

I have something really important to do (laughs).


mezcal is

"Dialogue, Laughter, Friendship"

drink. (!?)




"Para todo mal Mezcal, para todo bien también"

(Mescal when not attached, mescal when attached)


Japan or any other country

It's almost always customary to drink alcohol at celebrations.

And vice versa,

If there are unpleasant things, painful things, sad things, you may drink alcohol.

In Japan, we call it Yakezake, right? (bitter smile)


Mezcal too.


But it goes on like this.


"You can drink mezcal when you're sad, but you can't drink it alone"


In other words,


"Always have someone to drink with"


about it.

(☝This is super important)


And so on.


happy or sad,

"If you drink together, you will definitely cry"


In saying so

mezcal is greatSocial and affectionate sakeWhat is it? (smile)



People who thought it was an exaggeration,



pay attentionis. (smile)


Today, people are distrustful,


so many people live in

no longer,

I don't even feel lonely as lonelyPeople,

Isn't there a lot of them?

(☝This is abnormal)


What about Japanese society in particular?


Originally, humans are creatures that cannot live alone.


As long as you are with someone, you cannot say that you are not lonely.

Because we are connected by SNS, "I am not lonely" is also different.

Even if you are "together" with someone,

Even if we are virtually “connected”,

There will be plenty of lonely people.


Some people should know that by themselves.


But cover it with a mask,

It comes out in a distorted form,

Isn't it connected to iloilo crime and social problems?


“Lonely death” of the elderly,

Young people's hikikomori,

“Bullying” is a typical example.

People who bully have low self-esteem,

There are no people around you who can be called true "friends",

I am a lonely person.


Even if it doesn't

Has your relationship weakened?In modern times,

I think there are a lot of “lonely people”.


when I'm happy,

when you want to laugh

when you're sad,

when it's hard,

When in doubt,


I have a "friend" next to me,

my feelingsSomeone you can talk to without filtering,


are you there?


It's not about the number of people,

For example, even one person is fine.


For those who cannot drink alcohol,

It can be tea or milk.


Friends and time to talk without hesitation.


From ancient times to today, mezcal

MexicanA place for dialogue, laughter, and friendship

indispensable"Companion"I have been responsible for


Of course I'm in Mexico

I have helped you about XNUMX million times so far.

And we will continue to take care of you. (bitter smile)

(☝I like alcohol, but I'm not addicted)


He died seven years ago at the age of ninety.

My wife's grandmother from Oaxaca,

I didn't drink any other alcohol.

I used to drink a lot of mezcal.

I used to be a taciturn person,

Thanks to mezcal, I became talkative.

Not only grandma

The mezcal that brightened up my family.


Punishment game in Japan"to be drunk"Tequila and mezcal, but...


Of course, it's not something you drink forcibly.


Beyond commercial value,

This social and cultural aspect was also a story.


Those who drink

Taste it,

Please drink while wrinkling your face. (lol lol)



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