Immigration and family remittances from Central American countries.

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

“Showing the true face of Mexico to the world!'

with the motto

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a licensed tour guide and driver in Mexico.



☝☝☝Movie La Jaula de Oro

I think I wrote a little bit a few months ago,

Mexican immigration.


I am also an immigrant,

Immigrants here are migrant workers out of the country.


Japan, including Brazilians,

Filipinos, Southeast Asians, etc.

I think some of them are students.

Many people are in the form of "migrant work",

I believe you live in Japan.



Japanese people in some country,

Going out in the form of "migrant work"

Not much, or rather not.


In so-called developing countries,

from foreign migrant workers,

Every month, every year,

Remittance to family in home country,

There are many people who rely on it to make a living.


This is not stupid as a means of earning foreign currency for the country,

It also contributes a significant percentage to GDP.


Mexico is probably no exception.


To say how much

Mexico's GDP in XNUMX is XNUMX trillion dollars (a quarter of Japan's),

Less than XNUMX% of that, or XNUMX billion dollars (about XNUMX trillion yen in Japanese yen), is accounted for by family remittances from abroad.

By the way, oil is over XNUMX% in the same year.



In terms of the amount of family remittance received,

Mexico ranks third in the world

(In some information, Mexico and the Philippines were reversed)

The first place is India, about XNUMX trillion yen,

The second place is China, about XNUMX trillion yen,

The fourth place is the Philippines with a little less than XNUMX trillion yen.

☝☝☝Family remittances to Mexico hit a record high last year.
This year it was expected to be XNUMX%, but what will happen with the pandemic?
Source: El Economista

It is said that there are about XNUMX million households in Mexico,

XNUMX% of which

There is data (XNUMX) that XNUMX million households have no choice but to rely on this family remittance.


Introduced yesterday in "Patsucuaro Part XNUMX"MichoacanIt is,

The state that receives the most foreign family remittances among the XNUMX states of Mexico,

The amount is just under XNUMX billion yen,

It reaches XNUMX% of the state's GDP.


Corona shock that suddenly happened in such a situation.

There is no change in the situation of those who are away from their home countries.


went abroad,

People from Central America including Mexico Of

XNUMX% of immigrants continue to send money

XNUMX% said they stopped sending money.


There are various reasons for stopping

Cases where it is physically impossible to send money due to unemployment or pay cuts,

Such as the closure of financial institutions.


In addition,

For those who are planning to travel abroad,

About XNUMX% of people were forced to cancel, postpone, or review their travel plans.


The reasons for immigration are not only economic,

The safety of the area where you live in your home country is also a big factor.


Looking at the actual situation in America, which can only be thought to be caused by racism in recent years,

Is the American dream a selfish image created by some lucky people?


Even if you can pay a lot of money to a “specialist” and finally go to the United States,

The unemployment rate among immigrants from Mexico is XNUMX% for men.

About XNUMX% for women (as of XNUMX),

This pandemic has exacerbated that number,

It will lead to the situation where you have to stop the above remittance.


By the way, the money needed to “illegally enter” the United States from Mexico

Can you imagine how much it would cost?


On the Mexico-U.S. border,

There are "professionals" who help "illegal" immigration from the Mexican side to the US side.

In Mexico they are commonly known as coyotes.

Of course it's not a legal job.


XNUMX pesos (about XNUMX yen) for those from Mexico,

Others from Central America pay $XNUMX (about XNUMX million yen).


That's three times the difference.


Mexican college graduate

In the financial industry where salaries are considered good

Since the starting salary is about XNUMX yen,

for half a year,

But there are only a few people who can earn that much,

For those who are so poor that they have to go to Americasuper super super big money.

This is even more true in countries other than Mexico.


If you are interested, please watch this movie.


Is it on netflix too?

Boys from Guatemala, a neighboring country of Mexico,

It depicts a state heading to the United States through Mexico.


This August XNUMX, XNUMX (XNUMXth in Japan),

On the other side of Japan across the sea,

Literally "life-threatening",

There are people who desperately live in this moment.

I was born in a lucky environment.

I was allowed to go to school.

Travel freely,

Come to Mexico if you like,

Today, I am able to live without worrying about food or a place to sleep.

this is all"luck".

like you can think of“What I have tried so far”What

After all, it's nothing if you think about their circumstances.

If in his living environment,

If I was born as a human being like myself,

Thinking about whether I can survive

I don't have that confidence.


In the truest sense of the word, a “good world” is

Not only the development of technology,

It is impossible unless the situation like them is improved,

People who are “blessed”, including myself, should be aware.


What I am doing through my business

It's nothing more than a sparrow's tears,

Through the travel business in Mexico, which is also the country concerned,

I would like to contribute even a little to the situation of such people.



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